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April 02, 2014

Using AI to install solaris on an LDOM

The aim of this blog is to fill in the gaps from other notes on using AI with an LDOM, not to repeat the previous notes. Also they do not document installing the hypervisor or the initial set up, there's already Paul E's notes for this.


1. On your AI server, create a client, manifest/ derive script, profile and if relevant, 1st boot script (see previous notes).

2. Confgure your LDOM:

ldm add-domain DOMAIN-NAME

ldm set-vcpu NN DOMAIN-NAME

ldm set-mem NNg DOMAIN-NAME

ldm add-vnet pvid=XXX vnet01 primary-vsw0 DOMAIN-NAME

ldm add-vnet pvid=XXX vnet02 iodomain-vsw0 DOMAIN-NAME

ldm add-vdisk vdisk01 sharedVOLNAME@primary-vds0 DOMAIN-NAME

ldm set-var autoboot?=false DOMAIN-NAME

ldm set-var local-mac-address?=true DOMAIN-NAME

ldm start DOMAIN-NAME

3.You don't have to use DHCP, it's just nicer. I'll document both ways:

a) With no DHCP

ldm set-var network-boot-arguments=host-ip=IPofDOMAIN-NAME,router-ip=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX,subnet-mask=,hostname=DOMAIN-NAME,file=http://IPofAISERVER:5555/cgi-bin/wanboot-cgi

On the aiserver in the manifest you cannot use names, you need to use IP addresses as you have no DNS.

ldm ls

telnet 0 500X

ok boot net - install

b) Using DHCP

Set Next Server to the IP of your AI server

Set File Name to:

ldm ls

telnet 0 500X

ok boot vnet01:dhcp - install

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