May 05, 2007

Property wining

I know everyone says that estate agents are horrible but I never thought they were that bad she says…

I have actually had one relatively good experience. I am happy with the flat I’ve inhabited for the past two years. The only thing this estate agent has done wrong was contributing to me getting spoilt. And now I dream of walk-in closets to stack my feet and arm candy.

But I am finally learning… Left at the mercy of a raging property market I am trying to weather estate agent ruthlessness.. eehem behaviour rather. Feeling drained to the last penny of my salary, I am now wondering what with all those websites out there, hasn’t anyone thought of publishing some feedback? When people buy stuff, they mostly feel happy to rate them afterwards, amazon-style. Or is it that estate agents would all fail the test so nobody bothers?

I’ve seen it all… Flats have miraculously disappeared 3 seconds before the appointment, and the negotiator’s mobile phone was eaten by the dog, the keys by the cat. Ads for the same thing show up in many different prices, as if you are ever going to be allowed to take your pick.

A human case for 4 is now called a family studio and I am seriously in wining mode…

December 02, 2006

Casino Royale

Fair enough .. the car was nice even for a girl. But the movie must have been a terrible waste of time if this was the only thing one noticed – as per some comments I found myself reading. Mind you it was quite short lived. I would have enjoyed it being on display for a while longer.

Now on the other hand Mr Bond gives a whole new meaning to drooling… I like to think that I’m not the kind of person that gets excited about actors, artists or any form of celebrity.

Isn’t it strange how he actually falls in love this time? I’m trying to decide whether this is actually a good or a bad thing. I guess it made him a little real.

I have to admit that it was a very entertaining couple of hours in the cinema. And although there were several occasions where you’d think it was coming to an end, there was more left.

To be continued…

October 22, 2004


… to myself and everyone else browsing my weblog.

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