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October 14, 2010

Induction events

Attended Induction, 2/10/10

Great to hear about all the opportunities available. I'll need many of the training days and would like to attend many more. We'll have to see how time and money goes. Great to hear about all the support systems. Poster competition sounds fun, and I've wanted to know what makes a good academic poster for a while. 

Attended PostGrad Researcher Induction, 8/10/10

Would love to do a language course - if only I had the time! I need to prioritise learning more essential skills though, both as a part timer and as a 'distance learner'.

Need to explore the library!

The SU guy was really good, great to hear the words 'part time'. After saying how isolated we might feel, it would have been good to have a show of hands so we could at least smile at each other! It did feel very isolating, everyone I talked to was full time and a scientist and v young - and horrified that I'd be funding myself. 

The 3rd year Posgrad was also exellent, best presentation of the day. I need to write up my 'Why I'm doing my PhD' affirmations!

Went to the following break outs:

ePortfolios with Steve Radford - v convincing; followed up by ordering my ePortfolio. Need to consider running own website in parallel - or not? What are the benefits?

Research and Professional Training with Chris Bilton - have followed up by putting appropriate training events in the diary. Lots going on. Be good to know when lecturers are lecturing so I can arrange to audit.

Time Management Tips with Jayne Mourinho - not sure how much I got from this. Perhaps read over my notes - have done, haven't got any!

Writing a research Proposal with Dr Mihai Balanescu - wasn't going to go to this as I've already written one. However it was excellent, learnt so much in 20 minutes. Need to go over this (I've got lots of notes!) and put into action more or less everything. Would like to book onto a follow up if available.

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