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March 15, 2009

Reality Tastes Bitter


I being a member of team1 had to give the first presenatation and let me cut to the chase it was a horrid time because there was a lack of coordination and undertsanding of the topic. When paul asked the question which was practical rather than theoritical what should waveriders do tommorow? Itwas a almost a minute silence and was the  longest minute of my life. But when we anwsered it was unconvencing for him. Lack of team work was quite evident in our team which often lead to those people anwsering the questions who had minimum knowledge about that topic rather than people who had prepared that topic. We had a taste of reality for the first time when we all got questions which we least expected. I learnt a lot from this presenatation and will remember areas for improvement which paul mentioned in the class.

March 10, 2009

Suggestion to paul

i think MBE should be a two year sandwich course since we learn all these concepts in the first year , go out into the real world and apply these concepts and then come back for the second year and then discuss these concepts keeping in mind our experiences and barriers.

Linking cultures and performance management systems.

Ever since MBE started the importance of innovation and creativity has been stressed upon. We have learnt the barriers to change management and how to bring out this change successfully. But as far as i am concerned one question is still not answered. " how do we strike a perfect balance between a culture supporting innovation as well as performance". This question arises due to the current situation of the world i.e. credit crunch. It is quite evident that companies to cut their losses have to fire employees. Now if there is not a balance between innovation and performance then how would the organization decide what employees to weed out.. If having the culture of innovation is way to go for organizations the question arises of "how to measure innovation". 

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