April 26, 2012

Workload, Stress and Pressure…

Leaders of the organizations should be aware of the workload they are putting their employees under. It is so easy to get carried away and keep on giving some employee a large amounts of work as he is just keep on doing it efficiently. This can be a good tactic to get the most out of your employees, however, they need to be careful that the employee is not overburdened with work, and is not going into any kind of stress or pressure. There has been cases in the past where the leader does not realize the stress he is putting under his subordinates, and finally the employee gives in to th pressure and either changes his job or makes a mistake in the work he was allotted. I is the duty of the leader to realize that how much work can he expect the employee to do, as he needs to realize that generally an employee would not come upto him and say that this work would overload him and he wont be able to do it efficiently. This type of behaviour is seldom seen, so it rests on the shoulders of the leader to realize the workload of each employee under him and giving him just the right amount of work with which he can work efficiently. And it becomes all the more necessary again, when you are working in a life critical kind of a job, where one mistake on the part of the employee, could lead to his or others death.

Also, it is very important to realize that sometimes even when the work given to an employee is not much, and you may feel that he is not overloaded, the conditions under which he needs to work, maybe the time deadline, or the physical environment he is working in, is stressful and put him under immense pressure. It is essential at this point to realize these challenges for the employees and make suitable efforts to reduce this pressure and stress from him as much as possible.

Leader could well create an environement where there is so much open and free communication between the subordinates and with the leader, that the subordinate could well notify the leader of the work load he is putting him under, and that he may not be able to handle this. However, even here the leader needs to be careful as the employees well may start taking advantage of him and start working below their full capacity by giving him excuses of stress and workload. so he needs to make sure and understand it himself is how much an employee could handle. Also, it is indeed very difficult for any leader to have such open communication, and more often than not, he has to assess the workload on his different employees himself.

It has been an important learning for me as now I could make sure that if I happen to lead any team, I shall keep the workload and stress to the level my team could handle, as that is when you can expect maximum efficiency out of your team, and it reduces the errors manyfold.

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