February 06, 2012

Rewards or recognition..what is valued more?

Today, we got into a disussion in class if as leaders we should give a group member recognition or a reward. As Paul told us that there is a lot of diference between the two and how differently they are perceived when given to people. Recognition is something like when a leader recognizes someone for doing good work, maybe just saying a 'thank you' or 'well done' and reward mainly refes to monetary benefits or bonuses given to the employees. Now, one may feel that rewards is a better option as money can get employees motivated. However, it is on the contrary. Recognition is something that a person values intrisically. It is something that people do not tend to forget so easily and can really be an inspiration for them to keep working hard. Ig you give an employee a reward he may be happy at that point of time but he would just not be attached to the organization. It may lead for him working harder but then the expectation level rises and he will just expect more and more rewards each time he feels that he is working hard. The point is that it is as it a duty of an employee to work hard for he company and do his job properly. Why should the employer give rewards to him and moreover, it has a very negative effect on his team mates and other employees as they might feel that even they deserve the reward and can really demotivate them. To reward a single person can lead to inter and intra team conflicts and in suc an organziation everyone starts to work for himself trying hard to grab the attentin of the employer so that he can be rewarded. In such cases, organizations should forget that people will work in teams.

Giving recognition to individuals really ties the employees to the organization and make them believe that they are a part of it. It makes them feel that it is their organization as well. It really makes them value the principles of the organization and really work for the organization whole-heartedly. It promotes team work and employees of the organization work together for he betterment of the organization. It is true that currently the organization or I should say majority of the organizations work quite the opposite way by rewarding people instead of giving them recognition. It has kind of become a norm. However, as Paul very correctly mentioned it is our duty as future leaders to bring this change in the system. It is we who can deploy the policy of recognition and really help organizations reap benefit out of it. It can change the way people think and can really help organizations worldwide enjoy benefits that they currently are unaware of at the moment.

I too initially had the viewpoint that giving rewards is the right and the only ay of unlocking the motivation of the people. However, now I realize how wrong I was and it is a well known fact that if there are rewards involved, you can hardly see any team work in the organization. People personally may give their best but it doesn not mean that it is the best for the organizations as it just increases conflicts between the employees and weakens they very foundation of the organization. That is why I am really looking forward to deploying this strategy of recognizing people as it is recognition that people dont forget and remember it all their life.

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  1. Paul Roberts

    Very well written Manav. I think that the TED video that we watched this afternoon supports your views entirely.

    09 Feb 2012, 19:08

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