February 11, 2012

Important to take criticism though not really easy

During the week, we were made leaders for the various class activities and at the end of each task we were told by our team to debrief the leaders on how they performed and what was their strengths and areas for improvement. Firstly, when I was debreifed on my first task as leader, my self assessment and of my team members were more or less the same. I identified my areas for improvement and that was what my team member's perception was, so when I was 'critised' by them on some of my characterisitics, I could take it really well and tried to work on it on the next task. I could understand why self-assessment was being done, and it was important to do this excercise as this allowed the leader to really look at his leadership chracateristics and how the team was likely to meet this kind of style in future as well. Now, in this situation it was not very difficult to take the crticism.

However, on one of the next task that I took the leadership in, I did try to lead the way I thought the perfect leader was suppose to. According to me, I did quite well. However, there was difference between me and my team mates on my assessment on certain things. It is in these type of situations is where I realized that it is indeed very difficult to take crtisicm and I understood why is that some people dont like to be criticized or dont take it really well when thrown at them. It is when, they themselves have a completely different perspective of their performance than what others think. I listened to the crtisicm but I know that I did not take it really well. I thought it is not really the case and that I was good. But then one of my team mates really explained his perspective is when I realized that yes, maybe I am wrong and I should have done this particular thing differently. If it was not in the module, maybe I would not have cared to listen to his views after he started criticising me and would have lost a different yet very important insight on my performance. I understood how important it is to have critiques to continuously improve. I realized that it is difficult to take criticism from others when you yourself think that you have put in your best but there are mostly areas for improvement for everyone and it is important to identify them and work on them to continue to the journey of becoming 'excellent'.

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  1. Akshay Kothari

    We dont have time to do all mistakes so its better to learn from other mistake, I think if we are criticising someone we can actually think about his/her mistake and then learn form that so that in future we will not make same mistake again, also if the receiver really wants to improve himself then taking feedback positively and making changes to that is most important, because what we think and perform every time is not same others think or expect from us, as being a leader we need to consider their expectations as well to make them happy and more efficient. Its my own experience I think if you jest listen calmly your followers view and then explain them why you are not considering it as a decision then only he/she will become happy about your leadership. SO one more leaders quality came here listening more and talking less but effective.

    12 Feb 2012, 23:57

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