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October 26, 2011

CBE–Study week

Well we are two days into the study week and I have really found the experience quite enlightning till now. Yesterday, our first task was to prepare for a real life situation where managers from different departments had 20 minutes to prepare for a meeting and discuss the issues in a 45 minute-long meeting. It was quite fun and at the same a good learning experience as it gave us the oppurtunity to feel like real managers discussing real issues prevailing in a hotel. It really taught me how easily the meetings that organizations have doesnt end up with the solutions to problems. There is a tendency to drift from the topic and things could get really messy. At the same time, our team did give good oppurtunities to each of the members to put forward their issues and suggestions . It made me realize that if meetings are done keeping in mind the interest of the organization and not just your department, there is ample of time even in a 45 minute short meeting for everybody to discuss the issues and come out with solutions. This experience was of great essence as it did give me certain points to keep in mind if ever there will be a meeting for me to attend or a chance for me to call a meeting. What our module tutor (Paul) does amazingly well is he discusses each point of study afterwards. It made me understand certain points about conducting meetings which I did not think of on my own. Views from my classmates and Paul's own contributions really made me aware of things which can go wrong in a meeting. Most importantly, every meeting should have an agenda to begin with. It should begin with a clear objective to attain. Then an important point is to have someone noting down minutes of meeting so that one could know what everyone had to say and later reflect on each viewpoint. The most important thing for me was to understand that meeting is not where we are to work on problems together, the main point of a meeting is to take decisions! So, it was really quite a learning experience.

Today, we presented a presentation on the comparison between ISO and EFQM frameworks. While working on the presentation during the past few days I really got the art of a learning organization where how everyone can share knowledge with each other and learn from one another. It is not a place where we are competitors but are a team where each member complements each other. What was amazing was that the amount of research we did on the presentation and we still had so much to learn from the 3 other teams' presentation. It really seemed as if an entire picture could be developed if we added the different presentations together. It is all about sharing the knowledge and making people around you more aware. More you share, more you gain. This is what should happen in real world , where employees and managers should stop each other as competitors. They should get together as a team, share knowlege amongst themselves, complement each other and work for the good of the organization as a whole. Atleast, I have got this art and practice clear in my mind and will try and make this kind of environment whereever I work in future.

There are still plenty of things to learn and I am looking forward to the rest of the week. I can say that I am finally beginning to adapt to this kind of learning and it is so clear in my mind how much more I have learnt this way rather than just sitting for long hours in lectures. There is a kind of excitement about the discussion we have amongst ourselves and it is so wonderful to learn from the experiences of my classmates who have already worked and faced these issues and not to forget vital incidents shared by Paul himself. If this can continue for an entire year, I can see myself taking some of the most important knowledge with me from here, not only proffesionally but even personally.

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