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February 08, 2012

Leading is not really that easy..

Today I had the chance to lead a team in a hotel simulation game where we took over a hotel and made some decisions so as to make the hotel as profitable as possible. At the very start, Paul reminded all the leaders that he is not so concerned about the end profit as he is about our leading capabilities or the way we go about our leadership. I had that in mind but as soon as I got the brief for the hotel excercise, being a good leader was probably the last thing in my mind. I kind of got carried away with the game and just thought of winning the game. When I went back to my team I did perform some tasks which were expected out of me as a leader, however they were more natural than a delibrate effort.

There were times when I got the flashes of Paul's words in my mind and I started to look at it as a leadership excercise and tried to bring others to contribute and keep the energy levels high and all that which is as it is very necessary for the better functioning as a team but this was a delibrate effort at leadership whenever I could remember Paul's words.

The thing that I most learned from this excercise was that it is indeed true that leadership is a qaulity that may be natural to you but you will have to keep developing it through practice. It is pretty easy to read stuff that is written on leadership and talk about being a good leader, identifying all the characteristics it is altogether a different ball game when you really are in a real life-like situation. The situation can pressurize you, and when you are in a real competitive situation, the only thing on your mind is winning. It can lead you to believe that it is you who have got the best idea and it is indeed very tempting to be autocratic and deploy headship instead of leadership.

It has really opened my eyes and now I can understand Paul as to why he said that leadership is something that is useless to give lectures on and why we will keep learning it all our lives. It is something you cannot just become a master at even when it comes to you naturally and you just to keep evolving and developing your leadership skills and practice them regularly.

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