March 19, 2017

Robust Decision Making (Group work)

As a group of MBE students, we have been working together since October 2016. I collaborated with a different group of students, and I realize that we had the same problem in each group meetings. The main issue was that we didn’t read the task carefully and jumped directly to solve the task. During our group discussion of ( Robust Decision Making) module, i have learned many things. First, for the decision-making process, we should set down an objective and read the exercise cautiously. All tools that we are going to use to make the decision should be linked to our primary aim. However we diverge far away from the task, and there was still some missing information. As a result, we stuck and sometimes not sure about what we are doing if it was wrong or right. Time management is critical since we have only 16 hours to finish the presentation, so we should keep plan how to exploit our time within 16 hours or less. Moreover, we had many tools to use and resolve WaveRider issues, in my opinion, we should try different tools and rely on the tool that we are satisfied with. Every tool has strength and limitation, therefore , for good results, we should use the appropriate tool and make robust decisions.

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