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March 04, 2016

Situational Leadership–First PMA reflection

According to the Situational leadership theory, leader' style and behaviour should change with the situation, so being task oriented, instead of relationship oriented can be very useful in some situations. At the end there is not good or wrong style, everything depends.

This theory, although no perfect, make leaders think about the application of different behaviours with different people, for example, I am somehow just starting my job as a waitress, I am an incompetent with positive attitude, I make many mistakes, so the best leader behaviour here is one telling me what to do and showing me how things should be done. With the time, I will get more experience and I wont need such a directive leader style.

This theory answer my question of why I had to be more directive with somepeople than with others and the point is that every person is different, with different degree of experience, confidence or skills, so the way of working with each of them should be different.

February 27, 2016

Receiving Feedback

Since I was leader 4 times this week (lucky me) I had the chance to receive lots of feed back and I learned that giving and receiving feedback is a process of caring and love, because the person giving you feedback only wants the best for you, that person is taking the time to think about you and what things you have done well and what things you need to improve to be even better.

I know sometimes can be difficult to hear which are the improvement areas, but if you just receive them with gratitude, with a possitive mentality they can become focus points to be better. Anyway excellence is a journey sorrounded by the need of continuous change, so by taking your feedback as an input of the process of improving yourself and changing to better, you are just being a living representation of what excellence means.

The leadership and excellence module have thought me lots about humility, transparency, caring and love. At the end, being a leader has lots to do with human aspects, and even though I am task oriented-person, I am more than convinced that there must be a balance between reaching goals and constructing an enviroment in which my people want to work, not because I autocratically impose it but because they want to.

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