October 13, 2015

Intrinsic rewards–CBE

I had always wondered why my ex co workers were always so demotivated and why they were always complaining about the payment and never giving the best they could, some times I thought that they were lazy or that they did not want to commit, but now (after yesterday class) everything makes sense.

I used to work in a company where everyone was replaceable, teamwork almost did not exist because even when we have teams, everyone was measured individually, so you could easily hear that one person is a good worker and the other one a bad worker, you could see areas working as if they were a completle diferent company, etc.

Now I realized that People need to feel that they are part of something and that their work is valued, and at end the problem is not the payment, the problem is the organizational culture and the way people were concived as well as how the whole organization is concevied.

Now, Here is the challenge, we are gonna be the next leaders and we are called to create organizations where people want to work and commit, where they feel valued and where team work is a reality.

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  1. Yes, Paul was referring to McGregor’s motivation theory Y: Good management practice and on job opportunities always bring loyalty.

    Similar experience here. I used to work for a store where it was named as the busiest location in Scotland by sale revenue. However the store suffered from its own success because of the lack of engagement and most of my colleagues were spending most of their time moaning about the pay and their shift schedule.

    A famous quote from uncle Ben, spider-man,

    ’’greater power comes greater responsibility’‘

    We all human being and we fear of uncertainty. Simply if we have no control over our job then what differ us and a robot?
    Nice entry there!

    13 Oct 2015, 20:48

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