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February 22, 2016

Some thoughts of today

Today's leadership leasons for me:

1. Get ride of the blame culture, we are a team..there is no point of blaming one another when there is a mistake.

2.Voting does not require team work, consensus and debate is much better.

3. Give feedback in private but celebrate achivements in public.

4. Effective leadership is not about being loved or popular, it is about making the best decisions for the greater amount of people.

5. You have to balance people and task elements, reach the obejectives but dont tear your team down for the sake of achiving goals. Take care of your people while pursuing the goals.

6. It is not good to hide things from your team, be open and transparent.

7. The leader is responsible for the decision, but it is his//her job to listen the team and based the decision in all the input received.

Leadership Styles

Today we had the leadership activity related to leadership styles, and from the 4 styles (charismatic, laissez-faire, democratic and aristocratic) I got to play the laissez-faire role with my team. This style of leadership is about letting the people work with very little interference from the leader, so I had to give little direction, give the team lots of freedom of choice and action and support the them when they asked.

For me, the role was a bit difficult to play bacuse it forced me to step back and let people do whatever they want and personally, I am the kind of leader that gives direction, looks for agreement and gets involved in the process. So for the first time in my life I had to be quiet, trust people, let them work without much guidance and just see them from outside.

I was scared we would not get anything done, I was afraid no guidance and too much freedom could be a bad thing, but when we finished the activity the result was pretty great, the fact that I was quiet and steping back allowed the team to be more creative, they figured out how to work well together, leadership from Aya emerged and they built a really beautiful castle without me controling the process.

Until today, I thought if laissez faire leadership was not actually a leadership thing since the leader doesnt do that much (if the leader is like me, holding yourself is doing a lot...jejeje); however, now I think that it is a leadership style that can work very well in situations in which people need to be creative, it is like giving freedom to people so they have no constraints or frameworks on which to base their ideas. Today I learn that being quiet can also allow me to see more, I could see they might need colors or to analyse what was going on and how they were doing.

Today I learnt that there is no a perfect way of leading, everything depends on what needs to be done and who is the people you work with, some people might need lots of guidance to do anything, some other need to be left alone, some tasks requires precision, some others creativity and the way the leader behave in each of those situations must be different.

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