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February 10, 2016

Leadership Definition

Leadership is incomplete without the achievement of a goal but is pointless without putting effort on undestanding and building trust with your team, so it is like a coin with two sides: achievement of goals and caring about your people.

Are leaders born or made?

Natureversus Nurture

Some theories of leadership suggest that leaders are born since they possess some inherit qualities, some others that they are made, because many qualities can be learned by training and experience. In what position you are?

Since I am one of those people who thinks that a musician is 20% talent and 80% studies and practice, I go for the idea that a part of the leader composition are his/her inherit characteristics such as passion and drive plus a bigger part that is result of that person's learning experience and training.

I believe as human beings, we always have the opportunity of learning and growing, so our leadership skills can be nurture into our way of being (if that is what you want). There is a phrase we use in Colombia "nadie nace aprendidio" which means noone is born learned, we have our whole life for learning, and if being leaders is what we want, we will have several opportunities for sharpening our skills and become the leader we want to be.

The Leadership Function

Dubrin said that Leadership is the funtion of three variables: the leader, the followers and the situation...what a complicated function!!! no matter how good are the characteristics of the leader, the followers and the situation also play an important role that can make the leadership not look so well.

Maybe this is why I cant expect my leadership to be the same under different circunstances and with different people. However, I believe the leader have a high influence the other variables and I think this is when Demming's SOPK gets importance. As leaders, we need psychology to understand that every person is different and that we need to approach them as individuals in our interactions with them, so we can influence people's behaviour with our way of working with them; we need theory of knowledge and be able to learn by testing our theories with different people and different situations; we need knowledge of variation, to understand how special causes in the situation can create problems in people's performance, and do something about it; and we have appreciation for a system, ourselfs, our team and the situation we are working in is the system we must see and think as a whole.

So, yes...leadership is a complicated function, but for me, the leader is the key to make that fucntion work as well as possible.

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