March 02, 2010


Follow-up to A5 from

salam and ahlan wasahlan

Its a very busy day for me last week. and now i'm able to reflect myself again. :P

one of my aim in the previous week is to read all kinds of information in order to develop my critical thinking. i think reading is a best way for me to gain more knowledge whether it is for academic purposes or for my general knowledge.

Last week, i learned about happiness in the country. i found the topic was so interesting. In the seminar, we had been given a task to be completed about happiness. there was discussion with the coursemate about the issue. the best thing was i actively participating in the discussion by asking questions. i analysed the argument from my friends and try to argue the argument when there is a clash of opinion about the topic. this kind of activity help my critical thinking develop. without reading stage, how can i argue with them? i think that's all. thanks

                                                    today is a reader, tomorrow is a leader


February 19, 2010

CREAM strategies or Ice CREAM (week 2)

Follow-up to A4 from

salam and hola..

The next step after the planning level is by doing it. As i already mentioned in the previous week, i tried my best to use CREAM strategies as one action plan in order to improve my learning skills. for the whole week, i realised something and i am not sure whether it is a good start or not.

  • Creative- i try to be creative in my learning skills such as learning in a different settings and environment (library, kitchen,flatmates' room, my own room). as what i am expected, i cant concentrate in my studies when there is a distraction in my learning environment except in my own room(coz it's free from the noise/distraction) :). I never regret doing it because i need that kind of experience to help me analyse which one is an effective learning environment for me, and i did it! ~~my own room
  • Reflective- when it comes to the reflective part, i used to reflect what i have done in my studies. am i understand what i am studying now? should i take a rest for a while? these kind of questions help me in reflecting what i have done in my studies to make my learning process becomes more easier.
  • Effectively organized- organized? Ok. i am not so good in this aspect. i study when i want to study. ~~
  • Active- During the seminar, i keep asking question when i dont understand about the previous lesson. i dont mind if people keep pressure me saying that i just want to show off. If you are doing something good and you know that it helps you to improve, then go on with what you believe. No one can change you except yourself a.k.a your own effort. 
  • Motivated- yes! this is what i need. thanks to my beloved friends that keep pushing me to the top. We used to discuss the difficulties that we had in our studies. besides, motivation book also helps me to be more positive in every aspect of my life especially in my learning process. 

The CREAM strategies help me to improve my learning skills. i hope that i can gain more benfit from the approaches day by days. thank you!


February 15, 2010


salam and hi hi..

Date          : 11/02/2010

Workshop : An introduction to critical thinking (A5)

Tutor         : Manus Conaghan

Critical thinking starts when we keep questioning about something. A person who wants to develop their critical thinking need to think out of the box. Not only that, the development of critical thinking can not be detected in a short term period as it takes some time for human to master it. From the workshop, I realised that sometimes we just accept everything that is being said to us without a deep thinking about the issue such as the issues in the newspaper.

There are few ways that i plan to do in the future to develop my critical thinking. There are:-

  • read all kinds of information sources (books, blogs, newspaper, etc) 
  • have a discussion with friends especially when it involves argument
  • keep questioning on issue like a small child
  • do not accept everything without acknowledging the main sources

finally, the first stage is to plan my action plan for the upcoming weeks. The next stage is to do the action plan and reflect whether it helps me or not. hopefully, my critical thinking will increase day by days. thank you!


February 14, 2010

P1 week 2

Follow-up to P1 from

Salam and Hello..

We meet again for this week. this week, i am in a stage two of my action plan which is doing it. overall, everything that i had planned work out at some point. but, there are still a lot of improvement that i can do to optimise my skills.

  • Last week, i rewarded and punished myself for the achievement that i had made in a week. for example, as a result of finishing my assignment earlier that the date due, I rewarded myself with 1day holiday off from any work related with my studies. it's sound funny but that is the truth. Sometimes i need to reward myself how something that i successfully achieved.
  • I had asked my friends to remind me or even FORCE me to do my works instead of wasting my time and they did it. one of my best friend insisted not to talk to me for a day because of it. the forcement gives a positive effects to me as i cant stand with the pressure given by my friend.
  • by doing a list of things i need to do for a day helps me be more organise person. it guide me when to do a work and a time to relax myself. The list shows me which one is important and need to be done as soon as possible. until now, I make my list things to do for tommorrow.

from the planning to doing it, it makes my life more meaningfull and productive. i can fell the differences as a result of attending the workshop in the first week. it helps me. thank you



salam and hi..

Date          : 10/02/2010

workshop  : A4 Effective Learning and Revision Skills

Tutor         : Mary Sage

It was a wonderful experience that i gained during three hours of workshop at teaching grid. In the workshop, we had been exposed with the effective way of learning and enhancing our revision skills. After the workshop, i plan to improve my learning skills for upcoming weeks by:

  • using CREAM strategies (Creative, Reflective, Effectively organized, Active, Motivated)
  • optimising the use of my brain (left and right brain etc)
  • enjoying my learning (be positive, fully focus etc) 
  • handling my physical state to learn (hungry,stress,tired etc)

By point out my planning in the blog, it helps to remind me what should I do in the future. hopefully, I manage to follow the action plan and gain some positive feedback in my learning skills. Thank you.

"The first rule of learning is that people learn what they need to learn, not what someone else things they  need to learn"

                                                                                                                                         -Peter Senge-


February 04, 2010


Salam and hello everyone..

yesterday, i got a chance to attend one of the warwick skills workshops which is P1 the CORE model workshop.

there, i met new friends, gaining new knowledge, and discover my strength and weaknessess.

reflection is important for everybody as it reflect what we have done and how we can improve doing the same thing in the future. reflection is a continuous process. it does not happen for the first trial. it is a long term effect not the short term effect.  

at the end of the workshop, i had been given with Kolb's learning cycle theory. it is useful from me as a student and i can apply the theory to make my studying in Warwick becomes more effective and enjoyable.

these are five key action points that i plan to implement within the next four weeks as a result of having attended the workshop.

Strength : able to think deeply about something before act

Weaknessess : leave things until the last minute

Action stage

1. planning what to do                                                                                                                                       

2. doing it

3. reflecting on the experience

4. making sense of experience

Now, i am in stage one which is planning what to do in order to prevent my weaknessess becomes uncontrol. I had planned some solution to overcome the problem of leaving things until the last minute. There are:

a. rewards and punishment.

b. ask my best friend to FORCE me to do the work given.

c. make list of things that need to do for a day

This week, i will implement what i have plan here. hopefully, I am able to see the effectiveness of the plan.


                                          " IF YOU DONT PLAN YOUR PLAN, IT WILL REMAIN A DREAM "   

                                                                           -RICHARD TEMPLAR-


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