October 19, 2010


Sometimes, peace is the absence of war.

October 15, 2010

First memories

I have always found memoirs with highly detailed first memories to be suspect. My first memories are impressions of places, things and faces. Nothing definite.

Distant voices, still lives

Dementia is a journey which the onlookers can only guess at.

October 14, 2010

Still my favourite quote

Frangere dum metuis, franges crystallina, peccant
Securae nimium solicitaeque manus.

So long as you are afraid of breaking crystal cups, break them you will. Hands too careless and too anxious alike do amiss.
Martial, Epigrams, Vol 3, Trans – D.R. Shackleton Bailey.

From my review here - http://www.socialaffairsunit.org.uk/blog/archives/000506.phpof John Gray's (not that one) "Long Live Latin"

Checking in checking out

This is a short story from a few years back on chaos and a state devoted entirely to health - http://www.nthposition.com/checkinginchecking.php

a short story on automated creativity

This is a story I wrote recentlyhttp://www.nthposition.com/perpetualmotion.phpabout.. well a lot of things. Mainly about primum non nocere, growing up resigned to your lot, and automated creativity.

the unit of government

"The most powerful politician in your life should be someone you could call round to see right now if you so desired."

A thought on libertarianism

Libertarianism has had two great challenges in the last ten years: the chaos surrounding the fall of Saddam Hussein, and the enormous financial disaster of the last few years. The first casts doubt on claims that it is authority that creates the need for authority; the second on the wisdom of the market.

Of course, it could be argued that it was the brutalising regime of Saddam that made the removal of authority so chaotic and bloody, and that the world financial system was in a bubble perpetuated by government decisions (in Ireland, for instance, tax relief on certain properties) that distorted the market. Nevertheless, for libertarian ideas to be more widely accepted, these two challenges need to be faced.

"These are the times that try men's souls

One of the most interesting ideas in Marcus Aurelius' meditations, for me, is that while he would prefer in many ways to be a "philosopher" in the traditional sense, to have time and space to reflect and study free from the cares of office, in actual fact his imperial position is the ideal one for the philosopher. For the cares and worries of office, the endless encounters with flatterers and moochers of all sorts, the generally unenlightened atmosphere at court - all are in fact apt trials for the philosopher. 

September 27, 2010

"Wrestle to be the man philosophy wished to make you.

Writing about web page http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content~db=all~content=a915048035

My paper on Marcus Aurelius as reflective practitioner.

I hope the anachronism of the idea will be forgiven.

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