November 22, 2005

LE 1st

Today, we start to learn the Leadership and Excellence module. So fantastic, because we needn't have the 9:00 & 6:30's class.. because we can see Paul the way, Paul is very handsome today, all of you agree, right? ^^

There is one interesting exercise in the lecture —- lifeboat. The story is a boat in the sea, it is facing the danger, we imagine we are the members in the boat, and then we should choose one of the six persons to be our leader. We make the select order of them. It is quite different from all of our groups. I know different people has different idea, but why is so different ? Suddently, I thought something: suppose i choose A, then i can't choose B though B is also very good; since if A and B are chosen in the same time, there is a clash between them. In addition, no matter C is not good enough, but C can help A to solve the problem, so we should select C before B ? Is this the reason for our such different chooice order?

October 28, 2005

Cheer Up ^^

The module —- Problem Solving and Statistic, has been finished at 4:36 pm in this afternoon. Cheer up ^^ How happy I am… (Don't let the tutor knows #_# ) Frankly, I know nothing about the statistic before, the worse thing is that I haven't learn mathematics for a long time, so this module is really hard for me T_T But I would continue to study it until I understand it, never give up !!! hehe, I am going to start my journey in the excellence world… it is a joke…hehe

In order to cheer up myself, I will go to London shopping…hehe…

go go go .

October 24, 2005

Two weeks PPE study

Two weeks PPE study has finished, it was hard but excited. You know two-week is not a long period, but these two weeks can actully instead my three years' undergraduate study. Just two weeks I learnt much more new knowledge and experienced more fantastic things.

Frankly speaking, I don't think I really understood all the theories that I have learnt, but I am still feeling very happy, because I have learnt something I consider it is more valuable and important. Such as the new way to study; I should not depend on the teacher completely, I should study by myself, I should learn more from the other classmates. It is so great, because I haven't felt sleepy in the lectures ^ (*except one day I didn't sleep well the last night*). It was amazed for me and my friends, because no people would believe that I can be awake all the day.. ^

Another fantastic thing is our team. I am really happy can be a member of our team one, all of our team members are friendly and nice. I really want to say thank u to Gez, Ashok, and Selina, they give me lots of help, furthermore they often encourage me…Thank u very much !! I know I am still not good in the team, but I would try my best to improve myself >.<
(maybe I should adopt Excellence Model to monitor where am I in the excellence journey ^ , *it is just a joke , forget it * ^ … hehe)

There is one person I could not forget to say thank you. That is Paul. ^^ I am a very quiet student, so lots of time the teachers would ignore me, and I also ignore myself for a long time. But just the beginning two weeks, u have given me lots of chances to practise myself. I still remember that day after I did the presentation, you came to encourage me, it was quite surprised for me, becasue I knew I did not do it well, but you still gave me encourage…Thank you very much !!

Anyway, I will go go go ^^

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