January 22, 2017

A special dinner~

Glad to celebrate our Preliminary Eve with our host family (from which day Chinese begin to prepare for the coming Chinese new year)! Due to we are lack of suitable ingredients, it isn’t quite an authentic Chinese dinner, but our hosts still call it a delicate dinner.


Why I come here

Hi, this is Leah, a Chinese girl who is studying in Beijing University of Technology and major in English.

As for my hobby, I’m fond of cooking during my spare time, especially cook for my family. Because I really enjoy the time our family members spend together during the dinner, which let me feel quite cozy and relaxed. And during the holiday, I usually travel with my friend to some new place. On account of I believe that travelling can help me both broaden my horizon and rediscover the warmth of my home.

And I come here to take a short-term course in order to spend my vacation in a meaningful way. Frankly, I do not hold a high expectation about what I should achieve here. As I have mentioned before, it’s a way to consume my holidays, so I just hope to keep a regular daily routine and maintain my level of English (better to improve a bit). Moreover, I also think it’s a good way for me to find some companions who can accompany me, for I will easily sink into melancholy if I stay solitary for a long time. This is the third time that I’m in the UK, so I still have no idea about where should I go for I visit this time, but I think stay at home and chat with my host is also a good choice. All in all, I simply hope that I can have a fulfilling vacation and refresh myself here.

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