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February 28, 2007

Calling all part–time students in higher education

As a member of staff at university and also a part-time student, I'm interested in getting some idea of the experiences of part-time higher education/university students, and would welcome some feedback from people taking all types of part-time courses, i.e., undergraduate, lifelong learning, open studies etc:

  • reasons for doing a part-time course e.g., improve job opportunities; interest/enjoyment; job requirement...
  • what sort of prior education (if any) you had
  • what you hope to gain from it
  • were you satisfied with the choice of courses?
  • were you satisfied with the time/venue?
  • how long was your course/how long did it take you to gain a degree?
  • what were the difficulties?
  • what did you find most difficult?
  • what were the positives?
  • what was the most positive?
  • did you have to pay fees - if so, did you find it expensive, if not, who paid?
  • what did you think of the quality of teaching/teaching facilities?
  • were you able to participate in any social activities the organisation offered?
  • how do you think other students or staff viewed part-time students?
  • if you've completed, what was your overall experience?
  • if you've completed, would you pursue any further courses?
  • if you dropped out, what were your reasons?
  • if you dropped out, what do you feel would have enabled you to continue/motivated you to continue:
  • what would be your overall 'wish-list' for part-time study, i.e., what would you like to see in an ideal world?

Something from each question would be ideal, but I'd be interested to hear about any experiences people may have had, either in the past or current study.


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