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November 01, 2005

Should chavs get the vote?

At a house party for my mate neils 20th me and my boyf were having a obligitory fag break outside when we saw a large group of chavs getting pulled into a police van-which sparked a huge debate about whether chavs should get the vote.
His arguement was that anyone that isnt politically aware shouldnt be able to vote about issues that concern the population. Although he also said he shouldnt be able to vote on things that he knew nothing about.
My aguement was that he was being heavily stereotypical about chavs-i mean, we all know they wear crap clothes and swear a lot, but can we honestly say none of them are politically aware-so saying chavs shouldnt get the vote is really ignorant. I also believe that everyone should have the vote because otherwise the population wouldnt be fairly represented.
What does everyone think?

Lydia xx

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