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February 11, 2010

Another insight of leadership

I do not want to express myself as a person who values the human's feeling highly. But undeniably, the art of leading indeed involves a lot of elements of feelings. How to affect individuals and enable them to follow your aim and patterns of thinking? Firstly, I insist, influence a person's behavior can be done by influencing this person's emotional feeling, or we can call it psychological influence, which are the fundamental and the most effective method.

More specifically, if we want to change an urban terrorist in a team, the most effective and fundamental way is to affect this person via his inner feeling ,which is the vulnerable and sensitive corner that hard to control by sensibility. Besides ,vision can be regard as another pattern of emotional stimulation,(even though sometimes it could be pure profitable stimulation , when robbers rob the bank in the film ,their vision could be the visual happiness life only if they got money without catching by the policemen)

In my point of view, personal power is mental power whilst position power is physical one. So a good lead first have to be an easy-going person, thus can have potential impact on his employees' behavior emotionally and psychologically.

Meanwhile, language as well as body language is by no means of trivial significance for it easily to draw a negative influence if the expression is not appropriate. One should carefully pay attention to stimulating people via emotional level.

The most difficult part is to make a decision. Although it is unavoidable for human beings to make mistake, but when it comes to leaders, they should better have the capacity to make right decision, or, the days of being called"leader" will not last long. Let's say, if a leader can always make right decisions only with position power, I will wonder whether I should work for him or not even though I know he can lead many successful cases. However, if a leader possessed with strong personal power but always decides on wrong direction, no doubt that nobody wishes to work with him for a long time including me.

Anyway, leadership never fails to be a complex topic for it involves much elements including human's feeling and psychological perspectives.

How to be a successful brand?

The key factors for a brand to be successful, in my opinion, are just as the essential elements to win in a war. The weapon is the advanced products, meanwhile, the outstanding management strategies are the pin point as the tactics and the strategies in the battlefront, which is a decisive factor of "sink or swim". For external perspective, an organization, is compared to one side of a war, cannot survive without a team that full of experience and passion. Besides, there is one point we cannot ignore: the environment of the business, just as the weather on the day when setting up a war, although it sounds a little bit relying on the luck.

However, the real problems are how we can achieve these elements of success.

Products: the quality of a series of products, along with their usability and stability are decided by the process of producing. Which means that the company must know that the customers' real expectation before putting on stream , meanwhile the guarantee the quality. Admittedly, the satisfaction of customers and quality are combining to be the premise of a success.

Yet, the profit must be arising as well, or it is more a charity rather than a business, needless to say the brand successful.

The theory of Six sigma or lean management can perform its maximum for it use to apply in an organization to save cost while optimize producing according to manage the process by cutting the waste and so on. The theory can reach the goal of fulfill the customers while gain maximum profit, which can contributed to establish outstanding products.

Strategy: It all relates to the issue that how to use advanced weapon to optimize its strengths. The basic principles are concentrating on the service. More specifically, establish the service model as customer-centered. The details on strategies are variable depending on the different situations.

A wonderful team: The rule of thumb to consider this issue as a leader is first to be a good leader, then to establish a dreaming team. To deeply understand each individual's features, and then optimize these features to enable members to contribute their effort, this is the essential way to organize a team and set up a common vision.

"weather forecast": That means to forecast the whole business environment even there may include some factors that beyond control and foreseeable.

It is indispensible to analyze the marketplace and the trend of financial development, as well as the risk forecasting and avoidance. Otherwise there may be a waste of effort of previous job.

An appropriate analysis and plan can make the maximum use of the current surrounding even if the surrounding is not very positive or optimistic.

I've run out of my mind till now about this topic.

To be continue

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