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January 31, 2010

leader experience from class practice

when i acted as a leader not a group member on exercise i felt a lot of pressure , even I know it's just an exercise which the result does not mean anything the moment we step out of the classroom. 

To be honest,I didn't have clear idea what we should do to complete the task ,but I think it's better to start with my team as soon as possible cause it can save a lot of time spending on reading the background (loans of information and professional weird words!).

Luckily,I can choose the members of the team ,which makes me feel relax,although i know it rarely happened in real business world.(But i may not be a leader in real world as well:)) These guys are really clever that they can save my words can understand each other deeply without monotenoous explaination.I'm sure they would be helpful and indeed everyone contributed so much!

What I tried to do is doubling my effort to establish an friendly working surroundings and get every individual invovled.My team is really full of passion,meanwhile has some sensible guys with calm thinking.All these are combing together to lead a wonderful group work.I worked with them, focused on the macro logical progress of the task and tried to encourage every person although it seems no nessasary! I feel more like a passinate member to engage in every step rather than a leader ,I know in real world its values held by lots of leader in famous organisations.

It turns out the result is pretty good ,we almost win the game!(just several seconds left!)and we really enjoyed in this games while learning a lot.

but in the real world, if a single project result may infulence the whole business to some extent , what  will an outstanding leader perform??

He may be have the same pressure and nervious,can't be less.The a matual leader may have the confidence to overcome this negtive feelings.this kind of  confidence,is the self-esteem of the abilities ,the trust of his team and employees,the intellegence to manage the whole situation and the calm personnel to control.

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