April 29, 2009

PIM Calculations

I really enjoyed today's lecture and exerciese.I still think I prefer studying mathematics and natural sciences, from which you always get precise results. I actually hate it when there is not a right or wrong answer, it just confuses me! Unfortunately, in reality, it is always the case. See how many sides of the story you can grasp…

Well hope the group work tomorrow will go well and we can get good mark for the presentation. It will be Suliko, Sophie, Anin and I...what more do I need to say?its the perfect combination lol,I have so much faith in us.

I also aim to start PIM PMA next week while everything is still fresh. Don’t want to be a last-minute person any more...its time to have a major lifestyle makeover, and to grow up...

April 24, 2009

Reflection on Knowledge acquiring

I finally realised my problem regarding essay writing (well I think it also applies to other aspects of life, in relation to ways of thinking and decision making). I am aware of that I am a ‘big picture’ person. I focus (or say, favour) structures and logic and tend to reject details. When I was doing my undergraduate degree, I sometimes had original and innovative ideas but often failed using existing theories or facts to support my arguments. Thus I have attempted to go through wide range of literatures when I am studying this MSC course; however, I seem to be losing my initiative while absorbing other people’s well-established outlooks.

I relied on literatures too much and it appears to be easier to just ‘borrow’ whatever they say, whichever makes sense to me. Even when I was trying to identify Waverider’s 'core business' and 'facilities', I was even searching journal articles by using key words like ‘facilities’ and ‘manufacturers’, it was reasonable but I soon got fed up and thought it was totally waste of time. So I took a break and had a chat with a friend and asked for his opinion, then I realized that actually I’d already had an idea what facilities are in Waverider’s case based on my own understanding of FM. I asked myself “how about if it was wrong?”, and then I answered myself “but there is no right or wrong answer, supposing I justify myself well it is always reasonable”. Even though it isn’t anything spectacular, it is at least my own idea, my contribution.

Referring to Knowledge Management, We perceive differently because we retrieve/decode the information in our own ways and then we develop or create our own version of knowledge based on diverse individual experience and existing knowledge! THE PURPOSE OF KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRING IS TO CREATE KNOWLEDGE!

As I mentioned in previous thread, aims and objectives should be set when doing background reading. Now I think ‘intervals’ need to be taken to revise and summarise already-required ‘information’ and turn them into ‘knowledge’. Subsequently, we may alter the direction of knowledge acquiring and hopefully it results in progress.

April 22, 2009

Study skills

I was very confused and frustrated that there is so much literature available and I was drained in the sea of ‘knowledge’/'Information'. And then I was thinking what I read in Kang Fan’s blog about ‘knowledge’ and ‘information’. Information is not always necessarily useful until you encountered the most ‘useful’ and the most appropriate one under certain circumstances. When facing overload of information, which has always been the case, we need to ask ourselves what we need to get out of the research. It is essential to set aims and objectives and stick to them, otherwise you might get lost. I always find some interesting articles but rarely relevant to the PMA or project, I keep reading and lose valuable time,which could had been spent  contricuting to that specific project. Maybe we just have to say bye-bye to those relatively unrelevant information because we have to prioritise our tasks and allocate our time wisely. Thus, selection of information is critical.

April 21, 2009

4 months left

Only 4 months left before ending my full-time student life...how scary!Always wish that I 'd started working harder earlier...in a way I don't know why I decided to do a master's course,maybe for all the wrong reasons?!I am not as good as I thougt.

Doing this course made me learn a lot about myself,or to be more precise,to accept how I really am...I am spoiled, lack of discipline, immature, irresposible and easily distracted. I always know my weakness,but what can I do?I try to overcome these shortcomings but often fail...what can I do?!

Anyway, I hope I can focus better and make the best of these four months to make up the time I have wasted.

September 25, 2008

Start of the blog

So, it's me getting started!very excited,looking forward to starting lectures.I can not believe I am physically here,it's just wow.Thank god,thank you for your blessing!!!

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