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January 13, 2007

Handbook on Knowledge Management 1

Handbook on Knowledge Management 1 (Clyde W.Hosapple)

resource_based approaches regard privately held knowledge as a basic source of competitive advantage.

The resource – also referred to as core or distinctive competence – must demonstrate four characteristics: it must be valuable, imperfectly imitable, rare among competitors, and have few strategically equivalent substitutes.

The resource-base approach therefore implies that not all knowledge is equally valuable. Resource that can freely be purchased and trade in the market are limitted in their ability to serve as a source of competitive advantage.

The definitions of knowledge work:

  1. The nature of the knowledge the workers possess
  2. The nature of the knowledge they produce

For instance, by using the concept in an inclusive way and viewing everyone in the corporation as a knowledge worker, the corporation communities to all its workers that their knowledge is valued. In the academic setting, the knowledge work category can be used to facilitate reflection and self-examination on the part of knowledge workers who read the research about knowledge workers who are engaged in occupations other than their own.

Below is a video describe Knowledge Management in technical way. (Knowledge Integration by Information Systems)


who cares:

managers, consultants, economists, business school academics
KM help pull together ideas about: corporate culture, networking, trust, social capital, matters about which we have become even more conscious following the terrorist attacks and the shocks to our social and economic system.

personal values V.S. organizational objectives.
national values V.S. global objectives

85% of the global 1000 companies are now ‘doing knowledge projects’ (Prusak, 2000) P60.

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