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January 17, 2007

Leisure time, put something I read here

“*Handbook on Knowledge Management 1”

  • P60,61
    Enterprise-wide knowledge-base can capture and replay information about project progress, but can also be set up to capture information about others, such as customers, suppliers, competitors. Published sources can be searched automatically for related materials, such as the global economy or new technologies, which can then be added to the corporate database.
  • P63. Organizational Assets:
    A model with three classes of organizational assets: tangible balance sheet items, intangible items such as goodwill and brand value which can be shown on the balance sheet, and those intangible items such as employees’ skills that cannot be captured and concretized.
  • P66 What is knowledge management.
  • p57-70 Knowledge Field
  1. KM and IT
  2. KM and Organizational Assets
  3. KM and Organizational Power
  4. KM and Consciousness and Culture
  • P76
    a good and simple case of the power (intangible assets) of knowledge: the first copy of Windows NT.
  1. a good and simple case of the power of knowledge management: the first copy of windows and the following series of windows versions.
  2. a good and simple case of the external knowledge: The following improvement of windows.
  • the multi-platform IDE such as .Net Framework (learn from JAVA)
  • the free use of .Net IDE software (free IDE , Linux, etc. )
  • P77
    Another case study of KM
  • P78
    Competition tends to take place via the introduction of new goods rather than by competing on price in existing goods.
  • P79 Why in external knowledge the price is high: Because:
    If you want to get people to discover extremely valuable concepts like vaccines, you would like to offer them really high price for their discovery. This creates an incentive to do the work necessary to make the discovery. So, in this world of knowledge and recipes, there is always an unavoidable tension between wanting to have low prices after the fact, so a knowledge-good can be distributed widely, and wanting to promise strong property rights and monopoly protections in advance, as an incentive and motivation for discovery.

Another Great website

a website totally about knowledge management services:

Issues in Knowledge Acquisition

Some of the most important issues in knowledge acquisition center on the following issues:
  • Most knowledge is in the heads of experts (tacit knowledge).
  • The experts have vast amounts of knowledge and do not realize all that they know, which makes it difficult to describe and capture.
  • The experts are usually too busy to enable someone to gain from their knowledge.
  • There are usually multiple experts in a particular doman, which makes it difficult to validate the knowledge captured.
  • Knowledge has an expiration date: knowledge about a certain domain may become obsolete over time as new techniques are discovered or technology is developed.

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