May 11, 2005

A German comedy set in the former wait, come back..!

4 out of 5 stars

I know what you're thinking, but if you look hard enough there's plenty of decent german films out there. Like this one. And Run Lola Run. And..well that's about it really.

Being a german student, you might think I'm rather biased, but this film really does german cinema justice. For once, a film that refers back to an important part of germany's history, but at the same time, isn't afraid to laugh at itself. I'm talking about all the little references made to coca cola, that capitalist pig of a company, and to the extensive waiting lists for cars. This film makes you see how ludicrous and laughable the situation had become in the GDR, but of course, back then no one was laughing.

But its not all meaningless jokes about the claustrophobic nature of the former soviet bloc. After her heart attack, Alex knows any shock could kill his mother. And what bigger shock, than to wake up from a coma and discover that in fact the country is once again united, coca cola reigns supreme and your daughter has quit college to work at Burger King. At first glance the situation certainly does not look rosy.

Apart from the few odd moments I mentioned earlier, Goodbye Lenin! isn't exactly a laugh out loud comedy. The challenges Alex (played by the brilliant Daniel Brühl) faces to protect his mother from the truth are in many ways humourous, but there are some very moving moments as well. Alex is in every way a devoted son, even if it causes minor tension with other family members. Combine this with his humourous escapades, from trying to find the right brand of pickles to allowing his student nurse girlfriend to wrap him almost entirely in plaster cast, and this makes for a character we the audience can truly identify with.

Wolfgang Becker's excellent film has been nominated for a Golden Globe, and has also managed to scoop an Academy Award, six European Film Awards and nine German Film Awards. If the rest of Europe is able to see what a fantastic film this is, I'm pretty sure you will be too.

November 25, 2004

i'm sexy now, I have a warwicksnow hoody..

Phew!! That's the essay done, time to fill in the reasonably neglected blog and contemplate how i'm now at the height of fashion with my new warwick snow hoody. The lusciously pink print complements the more subtle navy blue fabric colour (as well as bringing out the beautiful colour of my eyes) and there's even the old school nickname on the front, proud and bold in all its glory (and will no doubt keep the friends back home happy too…). I am Bugs, and I am bloody gorgeous, just like my name…

Joking aside, it may not have turned me into a fashion goddess (not that i'm at all complaining about that) but its certainly very comfy! I'll be snug as a snow bound bug in a avalanche this winter…

Birthday tomorrow!! Yay. I'll be nineteen and bloody old with it, sob!! No longer will I have the option of taunting the older boyfiend with "yes you're only two months older than me but I'm still eighteen so ha!!". I will have to step up to the ranks of the elderly, and no doubt Dean will be there to gloat and smirk all the way. Perhaps I should have thought before taunting and mocking those already of the ancient age of 19? Oh well, too late now.

And then of course there's the sister; six tomorrow, so bouncy, young and care free with it, the little minx. A constant reminder that she's always gonna be youthful compared to me, who may as well be drawing her pension and looking into chairlifts as far as she's concerned. She'll always be there to joke about my primeval roots-ironic, isn't it? What goes around, comes right back around…oh god, what happens when I reach twenty?

November 04, 2004

My first negative blog encounter


Having only just discovered the wonderful world of blogging i'm not entirely sure i should be voicing this, although i feel compelled to so sod it, here's what i think.

Today i'd been breezing thru all the many different blogs on-line, some with a message to get across, some relating events, some just being plain daft ( the bloke who lost his "funny" springs to mind :-)). However, i came across one that didn't fit any of these categories.

This one was just plain offensive. This particular blog entry really had me reeling.

Why is it some people feel it's their mission in life to dictate to others what they should think? I'm all for expressing ourselves but does that mean we have to sound like we rule the universe to make ourselves heard? No. Maybe we should think more carefully before we phrase things, perhaps in a less declarative tone! Although that's simply one suggestion..

Overall, i love what people have to say. These blogs are a good way to showcase our views and whatever else we have bouncing around our heads, and that's important for anyone's sanity! But what is written down can be viewed by thousands of people and that's not always such a good thing if you're telling people how to run their lives.

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