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December 18, 2008

my essay paradise

Writing about web page my essay paradise


This essay will present my feeling of the last essay about three changes. The main structure includes three parts. First is about the most difficult aspects; then the knowledge that I have learned from the last essay will be described; finally, I will interpret if I could go back to, what would I do differently.

The most difficult aspect is how to express the English obviously like native speaker. It is a long time problem for me. From 2000 to 2008, there is eight years that I have learning English language. However, all of the English teachers in China points out the level of my English writing are worse than my Chinese. In other word, I can not express my understanding of an article in English, but in Chinese I can. So my puzzling problem is that I have something to say, but I do not know how to say obviously.

Then I have changed my idea about the status of women by learning three changes. Before studying in Warwick, I always thought it was only in China women were in weak status, because there is a famous words in China from western country ¡°lady first¡±. It is a misunderstanding. Now, I know the status of women has been improved gradually in western country in the post war, but there also exists the women discrimination.

If I could go back to I would read more extensively and more early. I would read the relevant materials immediately after the teacher¡¯s notice; because I got a mistake that I did not arrange the time rationally so that I had no enough time to read more extensively. There is a difference between Chinese teacher and British teacher. Chinese teacher will remind student every day after their arrangement, but British teacher not. Thus I started the essay before the deadline one month.


To my mistakes and disadvantages I will adjust and change myself. Before the next essay I will improve myself in vocabulary, grammar, and academic writing aspects. And I do not only read more extensively but also more early than this time. The most important thing is that I will learn more knowledge next time after I change my mistakes.

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