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October 26, 2008

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what is the connection between the concept of 'culture' and 'group'?

What is the connection between the concept of ¡®culture¡¯ and the concept of ¡®group¡¯?

Firstly, ¡®culture¡¯ produces among ¡®groups¡¯. In other words, culture is created by different group, or many people belonging to distinct groups, not one person. One¡¯s activity or action cannot be called culture. Moreover, ¡®culture¡¯ is the main civilization, and it represents developments of a nation, a religion, a society or a country and the ¡®way of a life¡¯ in a particular group. So the connection between the concept of ¡®culture¡¯ and the concept of ¡®group¡¯ is the relationship between ¡®people¡¯ and ¡®events¡¯.

Then in the same, ¡®group¡¯ that means so many people get together, must create some ideas, custom, or arts. These are called ¡®culture¡¯, whatever they are good, bad, extreme or in the middle. They just show that a particular ¡®group¡¯ bring about a particular ¡®culture¡¯. Therefore, the connection between the concept of ¡®culture¡¯ and the concept of ¡®group¡¯ is that ¡®group¡¯ creates ¡®culture¡¯ and ¡®culture¡¯ has an effect on ¡®group¡¯.

In summary, the connection between the concept of ¡®culture¡¯ and the concept of ¡®group¡¯ is interdependent. ¡®People¡¯ (¡®group¡¯) who are talked by others, their ¡®stories¡¯ (¡®culture¡¯) cannot be left out; ¡®events¡¯ (¡®culture¡¯)  that are mentioned by others, ¡®people¡¯ (¡®group¡¯) who are in the event must be talked. So the connection is they exist side by side and play a part together.

October 15, 2008

Architectural Styles Across Britain

Norman cathedralsNorman cathedrals

It is on the site of a convent, founded in 673 by St. Etheldreda, a Saxon princess. Work on the cathedral began in 1083 but the monastery was dissolved in 1539 after Henry VIII's break from Rome. Many statues, carvings and stained glass windows were destroyed including St. Etheldreda's Shrine.

Welsh castlesWelsh castles

Harlech Castle (pictured), built by Edward I in 1283, has a history of occupation and assault. In 1404 Owen Glendower captured it and held a parliament there. Twice it was the last Welsh fortress to surrender, both to the Yorkists in 1468, and to the Parliamentarians during the Civil War in 1647.

Timber-framed houses Timber-framed houses

The present Little Moreton Hall (pictured) was begun in the mid 15th century and was finally completed in 1610. It has been little altered since then, providing one of the finest examples of a timber-framed, moated manor house in England.

Scottish castlesScottish castles

Glamis Castle (pictured) dates from the late 17th century, although the site is believed to, have been occupied by the Scottish monarch Macbeth in the 11th century. Originally a hunting lodge, it has been altered and reconstructed ever since. Glamis Castle is the family seat of the late Queen Mother.


The Bridgewater Canal was built by James Brindley for the Duke of Bridgewater to transport coal the ten miles from his Worsley mines to Manchester. The canal was completed in 1761, halving the cost of coal in Manchester. In 1776 it was extended by 30 miles from Manchester to Liverpool.

Victorian GothicVictorian Gothic

Bridges and tunnels

Bridges and tunnels

palaceHouses and palaces 

Hampton Court Palace (pictured) is Britain's largest Tudor Palace but few traces remain of its origins as a manor house. The transformation began with Cardinal Wolsey who turned it into a bishop's palace after he acquired it in 1514. It later became a Royal Palace when it was taken over by Henry VIII in 1528.


NEWS notes

Headline: EU backs higher bank guarantees

The main theme: Economics crisis

US and European were influenced by recession fears that they suffered price plummeting. Asian and European stock markets also declined seriously. To face the economics crisis, European commission took measures to lift the guarantee to 100,000 Euros. Each prime minister of countries of EU showed their own opinion. Mr. Brown made an impassioned plea to help regulate the world's financial systems. Mrs. Merkel said a G8 summit should be held with the participation of emerging countries. EU Internal Markets and Services Commissioner Charlie McCreevy said strengthen Europeans' confidence in the safety of their deposits".

October 12, 2008

The difference between learning and education

The difference between learning and education

Learning and education emphasize on different points.

Learning focuses on the result that is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught. In other words, wherever the knowledge you get from, a book, a teacher or a website, there is no relationship between the way you get the knowledge and learning. However, the key point is what the knowledge you gain. So learning is for consequence. Nevertheless, education is totally different. It talks about the gradual process by which a person gains knowledge and understanding through learning. It does not stress on the outcome, but the process that one is taught during a long time is important.

Thus if one sails across English Channel from England to France, ¡°learning¡± is ¡°he or she reaches France¡±, whatever the way he or she choose, by boat or by swimming. In the journey, certainly, he or she must face many difficulties and done it through thinking and learning, even asking for help. This process is ¡°education¡± that just teaches learner how to think, but the result is not important.

In summary, the purpose of learning is the acquisition and the purpose of education is the consequence.

October 02, 2008



I fell in love with you watching Casablanca

Back row of the drive in show in the flickering light

Popcorn and cokes beneath the stars became champagne and caviar

Making love on a long hot summers night

I thought you fell in love with me watching Casablance

Holding hands 'neath the paddle fans in Rick's Candle lit cafe

Hiding in the shadows from the spies. Moroccan moonlight in your eyes

Making magic at the movies in my old chevrolet

A kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca

But a kiss is not a kiss without your sigh

Please come back to me in Casablanca

I love you more and more each day as time goes by

I guess there're many broken hearts in Casablanca

You know I've never really been there. so, I don't know

I guess our love story will never be seen on the big wide silver screen

But it hurt just as bad when I had to watch you go

Good place for studying


I think I will do the most studying in the library. The library is located the center of the University of Warwick, surrounding the most teach building. It is consisted of two buildings-Library One and Library Two which is connected by a bridge, all painting white color.

On the library ground floor, there is the cheapest caf¨¦ on campus, called Caf¨¦ Library. So if one feels hungry during studying, he or she can try to taste it. Then turn to the first floor which students need his or her card to get in. This is the important place for library, because loan desk, book return and helper desk are set up here. Therefore, if anyone has some problems about book loan, book return or searching, he or she must go to this floor to find help. From second floor to the top floor, each floor is for searching, finding and reading. At last, when one gets some books that what he or she wants, he or she can chose the two different way to loan book, man-made or machine-made way. Then use the student card to get out.

I suppose this will be a good place to work for me. First of all, the library is pretty convenient to my unknown aspect. I can study through all-round book in the library. If I meet some problems that I do not know during studying, I can research the tool book to help me understand. And for each floor has computer connected broadband. I also can Google the answer or sign in Warwick website to e-mail my personal tutor immediately. Another convenient thing is overall dictionary about every language. Since I am an international student and my major is English language, Translation and Cultural Studies, I have to look up in a dictionary frequently. So the point of convenient helps me much. Secondly, the library has a quiet environment. Most learners know the

Quality of studying environment is very important. In the library, everyone does their own thing by themselves. The place does not allow chatting, speaking louder. So it is very quiet. Because of this, everyone can pay all attention to think deeply, not be disturbed by others. This point enhances our studying efficiency. Last but not least, the library has perfect place. It is close to all the teaching buildings, such as Humanity Building that I always use. This is why I chose the library as the good place to work.

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