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December 21, 2007

essay makes me mad

To be honest, this essay makes me mad; in order to finish this essay, I sat front of the computer two whole nights, and a whole week's daylights.

In term of the feeling about the essay, until now, I still feel unconfident and unsatisfied.

Above of all, I can't balance the evidence and own statement. In my first draft, I found all most evidence from Abercombie's book, and I used his quotation to be my evidence; however, the feedback is I shouldn't repeat the fact but discuss. Here, I feel confused what the discussion is. I tried to talk to the tutor, then this discussion should be objective, and the evidence should be objective, and without my own opinion.

Therefore, I met another problem-- how to give my own statement but without my own opinion. 

For solving this problem, I almost spent all my lunch time in library. I read 11 books, of course, not all the books, just the useful context. Finally, I found that my own statement should base on the objective quotation which should be some famous person's books or some published books. What I need to do is to understand their opinion, and then narrate in my own understanding and my own statement, and also use the objective figure to support those ideas, for example, tutor recommended to me some very useful statistical books, which help me a lot. For this point, I know what the objective evidence is.

I just complained my problems and difficulties of this essay; however, actually, this essay made me improve a lot.

For example, I know how to quote someone's statement; I know how the academic way working; I understand that there is not right or wrong with my opinion, the most important thing is how to make the evidence supports my view logically, coherently, and forcefully.

I insist that I am on the way of being an academic and professional student with my more reading and practice.

In a word, essay makes me progress~~~

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