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October 18, 2007

learning English by poker

Before I came to Britain, many of my friends just told me to try to join the foreigners. And now, I'm in Britain, I find it's a little bit different to join them, but I can play poker with them. And I learnt a lot from our poker game.

Firstly, when we play the game, not only I can listen to them, but I can talk to them, and even argue with them. The atmosphere is pretty good, and we laugh together, talk together, and compete with each other. From listening to them, I found lots of vocabulary was new to me, and at that time, I put the word into my heart, for instance, I remembered the pronuncation of the word, and when I came back to my own room, I looked up in the dictionary and remembered the meaning of the word. Therefore, I learnt lots of new word from them, and I just try to use them when I talk to them.

About the other way of learning vocabulary, I'd like to look up the new words when I read passage. During the repeat time of reading, I can notice the words many times, and try to remember them. So after several times of repeating, I can use these words by my own way. And I think it's quite useful way for me.

In addition, the useful way of learning English is notice the advertisements on the note board. I think it's very useful in our daily life, and it can be a good topic when we don't know what should talk with the foreigners.

The last but not the least, I must finish my own task first, and following the teachers' plan is the most important for a student. Be active in the class and show my ideas bravely.

These are the ways of learning English, I pay attention on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

October 04, 2007

first impression of Britian

Until today, I have arrived in UK for 6 days. It's really beautiful, and the campus is so big. Everywhere is beautiful, the beautiful view, the beautiful building, the beautiful girls. And everything is totally new for me. I don't know where I should open account, where I should get my university card. Thanks to the passionate classmates, they helped me a lot. So until today, I have finished opening my bank account, geting my university card, buying lots of things that are necessary for the basic life.

In term of the most surprised thing, I find my English is really poor. I thought I was ok in China, but when I came here, it's totally different. My flat mates have dialect, and their voice speed are really fast. That makes the communication a little bit difficult for me. However, I will try my best to join them, try to listen to them firstly, then I wil discuss with them. God bless me. No matter how the cultures are different, I just want to communicate with them and play with them, and just a kind of follow them.

UK is really a new world for me, I came here and also found some surprising things. For example, I feel very very cold, but still lots of girls wear short T-shirt. And they would like to be talking until the late night, and about the serious topics such as WWII. That never happens for me in China.

In conclusion, everything for me is new, I will try my best to join them and form habit of living in beautiful UK.

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