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October 18, 2007

learning English by poker

Before I came to Britain, many of my friends just told me to try to join the foreigners. And now, I'm in Britain, I find it's a little bit different to join them, but I can play poker with them. And I learnt a lot from our poker game.

Firstly, when we play the game, not only I can listen to them, but I can talk to them, and even argue with them. The atmosphere is pretty good, and we laugh together, talk together, and compete with each other. From listening to them, I found lots of vocabulary was new to me, and at that time, I put the word into my heart, for instance, I remembered the pronuncation of the word, and when I came back to my own room, I looked up in the dictionary and remembered the meaning of the word. Therefore, I learnt lots of new word from them, and I just try to use them when I talk to them.

About the other way of learning vocabulary, I'd like to look up the new words when I read passage. During the repeat time of reading, I can notice the words many times, and try to remember them. So after several times of repeating, I can use these words by my own way. And I think it's quite useful way for me.

In addition, the useful way of learning English is notice the advertisements on the note board. I think it's very useful in our daily life, and it can be a good topic when we don't know what should talk with the foreigners.

The last but not the least, I must finish my own task first, and following the teachers' plan is the most important for a student. Be active in the class and show my ideas bravely.

These are the ways of learning English, I pay attention on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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