October 21, 2004



October 17, 2004

test again


October 16, 2004

taiwan's english web1

Writing about web page http://www.pts.org.tw/~web02/education/03page6.htm

model shop add.

Writing about web page http://www.londontown.com/LondonInformation/Shopping/The_Model_Shop/7b7c/

Last time I went to oxford street by No.25 bus, on the way there I discovered a fantastic model shop. but When I went back, it is just f***ing disappeared from the earth. d'hell I know where it is.

I am gonna check it out tomorrow, to taste the flavor of my lovely TAMIYA .

October 03, 2004


A fake photo of my college. although it sucks in academic research, I miss it anyway.






4、天黑的时候,望者满天的繁星,想一下你学生时代的恋人,你们一起走过青春最美丽的韶华,如果他(她)还在你的身边,你要经常轻声对他(她)说:我爱你!  5、每个月要读一本书,离开了学校,你还要经常保持阅读的习惯,大学的时候,考前的通宵达旦,让你具备了快速学习的能力,不要让这种能力钝化。  



8、 最后,好好努力,拼命赚钱!

September 28, 2004

the girl is from my centre

Writing about welcome to crystal's blog from Crystal Palace

blah blah

Follow-up to the 2nd year in England from Ming's blog

hahaha, testing

September 24, 2004

find a Carboot sale locator! hahaha

Writing about web page http://www.carboots.tk/

Song Jian and Tina asked me to find a carboot sale locator from internet! Ghrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

But anyway, I have found a website about it. I hope it will be useful in the future.

the 2nd year in England

yesterday,bq. opps, it should be the day before yeaterday, it was one year anniversary for me to arrive in England. and I also was been told by department secretary that I have passed my final dissertation with a merit score (65). that is to say, I am a *Master of Arts *now. hahaha

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