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May 09, 2006

10 ways you can get the union to help you

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With a nod to John who in comment 147 suggested a list of "10 ways you can get the union to help you," here are some suggestions:

1. If you want to know what policies are up for discussion, the papers are always on the Democracy section of the Union website. If you click 'Browse Council papers' at the bottom, you then have a list of folders.

  • If you want to know about a General Meeting, click the 'AGM/UGM' folder.
  • 'Committees' has papers relating to the Union's various committees starting in the previous academic year and working back.
  • 'Executive' contains previous years' Executive Committee papers.
  • 'Executive (papers)' contains this year's Executive Committee papers.
  • 'Information' contains various bits and pieces which may be useful.
  • 'Media Codes of Conduct' shows the rules the Boar, RaW, and WTV have to abide by.
  • 'Photos' is a bit out of date.
  • 'Policy' has a list of our current policies plus an archive of all the policies which have been passed, modified, or lapsed since 1995.
  • 'Referendum' contains a record of all referendum motions since Spring 2000.
  • 'Union Constitution' contains our current Constitution, Appendices, and Regulations.
  • 'Union Council' contains all Council papers for previous years.
  • 'Union Council (Papers)' contains this years papers. Papers will appear just under a week in advance of meetings, which are in weeks 3, 6, and 9 of terms 1 and 2, and weeks 3 and 9 of term 3.

2. If you need an advice service, go to Advice and Welfare Services in Union North, the advice section of the website, ring them on 024 7657 2824 (internal 72824), or e–mail
3. If you want to comment on something specific, e–mail or use the form.
4. If you want to get hold of one of your officers, look for their e–mail here.
5. If you want to know about the Union's position on the lecturers' strike go here.
6. If you want to join a society go here.
7. If you want to join a sports club go here.
8. If you want information on Union outlets go here.
9. If you're having problems with accommodation, the Union has a housing website.
10. And most importantly of all, if you want to influence the way your Union works, go to meetings, speak to officers, write policies, stand for election, join Elections Group, etc.

March 08, 2006

Union General Meeting

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As some of you may know, there will be an Emergency General Meeting of the Students' Union tomorrow at 6pm in MS.02 (Zeeman Building). Up for discussion will be:

  • Affiliating to 'Abortion Rights'
  • Not Boycotting Coca-Cola

There will also be a policy about Dr. Frank Ellis of the University of Leeds submitted as emergency business. We need 200 people to reach quorum, so please turn up and let your views be known.

March 03, 2006


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Don't forget to vote in the Union referenda if you haven't already. We only need about 150 more to reach quorum. Just click here, log in, and vote on all the motions on offer, which are:

  • Restricting Positive Gender Discrimination
  • Updating our Constitution
  • Financially supporting and advising pregnant students of their choices
  • Fairtrade and Ethical Supplies in the Union
  • Ensuring Freedom of Speech for Media Societies

November 26, 2005

Union referenda results

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Just to let people know, the results of the three Union referenda are now in and are as follows:

Freshers' Period
Votes for – 1965 – 67.20%
Votes against – 739 – 25.27%
Abstentions – 220 – 7.52%
Total votes – 2924

Motion carried

Banning Smoking in the Students' Union

Votes for – 1734 – 57.76%
Votes against – 1129 – 37.61%
Abstentions – 139 – 4.63%
Total votes – 3002

Motion carried

This Union will take No Stance on the issue of abortion
Votes for – 1425 – 50.09%
Votes against – 969 – 34.06%
Abstentions – 451 – 15.85%
Total votes – 2845

Motion carried

An amazing turn-out there. I am slightly perplexed, though, about how people could abstain on whether we should have a no stance policy on abortion.

November 25, 2005

Emergency General Meeting of the Union

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Just a quick announcement that there will be an Emergency General Meeting of the Union next Tuesday at 7pm in the Ramphal Lecture Theatre to discuss the following:

  • Anti-Terrorism Legislation
  • Residential Internet Access
  • Ending Union-Wide Bans on Sponsorship and Advertising
  • Reviewing the Smoking Policy

If you have any views on any of those subjects, please come.

John Cross, the saga concludes

Follow-up to Union Democracy RIP from Luke's blog

Yesterday at Union Council, the whole sorry saga of the John Cross disciplinary from last year was finally put to bed when John Cross and Benny Spooner (the Chair of Council last year who resigned over the issue) were granted honorary life membership of the Union. Apart from the fact that both had earned honorary membership by putting a truly incredible amount of largely unrecognised work into the democratic side of the Union, it also goes some way to righting the wrong that was done when John was taken to disciplinary in the first place.

September 13, 2005

Student forum on Warwick in Asia

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The Students' Union will be running an open forum for students to express their views on the Warwick in Asia project. Included will be an opportunity to hear the views of Dr. Thio Li-Ann on academic freedom. The forum will happen on Tuesday 20th September in R0.14 (Ramphal). Everyone is welcome to attend and I look forward to hearing your views.

May 04, 2005

John Cross disciplinary protest: pictures

Follow-up to Union Democracy RIP from Luke's blog

Here are the pictures I took during the protest prior to the travesty of the disciplinary proceedings against John Cross:

Union Democracy RIP

As pretty much everyone no doubt knows by now, John Cross, the Union's former returning officer today faced a disciplinary panel for alleged unspecified breaches of the rules regarding comments attributed to him at various Union meetings. John was found guilty under the second most ridiculous reason for a disciplinary on the list: number 11, any action which causes a student, guest, or member of staff to complain. His sentence was to write a personal apology to the member of staff who made the complaint and to clarify (ie. retract) his statements via the 'to note' section of the week 9 meeting of Union Council. John has already indicated that he intends to appeal this ridiculous verdict. Anyone who wants to voice their disgust at the way in which the Union's officers have (mis-)handled this case, come to Union Council tomorrow at 7pm in S0.21. Pictures of the protest preceding the hearing will follow.

April 28, 2005

John Cross disciplinary: the saga continues

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The second part of the 'case for defence' in the John Cross disciplinary case is now online and I have to say that although Simon Lucas has said that we have only seen one side of the story, from what I have seen of his side of the story there still appears to be no case to answer. The defence, on the other hand, point out several very important factors which bear repeating:

  • The first two allegations against John Cross concern anonymously submitted questions which, even if they did constitute an allegation (which seems unlikely), cannot and should not be used as evidence against him. And, in addition, their use as evidence constitutes a slur on Benny Spooner, the former Chair of Council, who permitted the second one to be asked.
  • The allegation concerning the statement at the AGM concerns minutes which have not been approved and are open to interpretations other than the official line being peddled by the Union hierarchy in this case. This is also a slight against Benny Spooner as any breaches of the Staff-Student Protocol are the duty of the Chair of Council to rectify as they take place.
  • It sets a very worrying precedent for someone's vote at a meeting on any issue to be used as the basis for later action against them and makes a mockery of any professions of a Democratic Union by our officers.

If you feel strongly about this, sign the petition and/or come to the public meeting in R1.13 at 6:15pm next Tuesday. Also consider coming to Union Council next Thursday at 7pm in S0.21.

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