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December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas Everyone

So, the great day has finally arrived and we can all sit around in silly hats reading bad jokes in honour of the lead character in an ancient storybook. Anyway, moving on from my unseansonal atheist side-swipes, I'll just say Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope that you got whatever you wanted and that you get to have a restful festive period.

December 15, 2004

Blunkett goes – oh happy day!

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Hot off the press, the spawn of Satan himself, David Blunkett, has resigned as home secretary. I don't expect much to improve under whichever mediocrity replaces him, but he is such a wanker that I am still pleased that he has gone to whereever it is disgraced politicians go (Peter Mandelson's place?).

December 14, 2004

The joys of being a wage slave

The unthinkable has happened – I've got a job. Okay, so possibly I exaggerate, but it still feels wrong to be working during the Christmas holidays (and having to get up at 7:45am :(). I'm working full time between now and Christmas Eve afternoon (having started last Tuesday) so the real holidays for me don't start for a while yet. On the plus side though, I'll have some money in my account without having to worry about that persistant little '-' symbol in front of it. Anyone else at the coal face, or am I a lonely wage slave?

December 07, 2004

Quiz (last words)

Okay, some people seem to be moaning about being bored, so in a spare moment, I'm putting together a quiz of famous last words. The answers will be posted in a few days' time and are from the 1999 edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations so if you have a problem; take it up with them.

What were the last words of the following? For the first three, a bonus point each for giving the quote in the original language:

  1. Nero
  2. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
  3. Mme. Roland
  4. Lord Palmerston
  5. Thomas Hobbes
  6. Charles James Fox
  7. Charles II
  8. Oliver Cromwell
  9. Robert E. Lee
  10. Viscount Nelson
  11. John Sedgwick
  12. John Adams

And to whom are the following attributed?

  1. 'All my possessions for a moment of time.'
  2. 'Dieu me pardonnera, c'est son métier' – 'God will pardon me, it is his trade.'
  3. 'For God's sake look after our people.'
  4. 'I find, then, I am but a bad anatomist.'
  5. 'Lord, open the King of England's eyes.'

December 01, 2004

Fair Trade for Christmas

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It's a long time since I made an entry in my media diary so I thought I should put something up. The above is a link to Traidcraft, a Fair Trade retailer, where they sell a large range of fairly traded products including fairly traded choclate money:

and Fair Trade Chocolate honeycomb:

So, go and have a look around and spread the wealth (a bit).

Attlee a better Prime Minister than Churchill

Writing about web page

According to a new survey of academics, the best Prime Minister of the 20th century was Clement Attlee (Lab., 1945–51). I must say, it makes a refreshing change to see such achievements as the NHS and the whole raft of other measures his government introduced given due recognition. The full list is as follows:

  1. Clement Attlee, Lab 1945–51
  2. Winston Churchill, Con 1940–45, 51–55
  3. David Lloyd George, Lib 1916–22
  4. Margaret Thatcher, Con 1979–90
  5. Harold Macmillan, Con 1957–63
  6. Tony Blair, Lab 1997-
  7. Herbert Asquith, Lib 1908–16
  8. Stanley Baldwin, Con 1923–24, 24–29, 35–37
  9. Harold Wilson, Lab 1964–70, 74–76
  10. Lord Salisbury, Con 1895–1902
  11. Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Lib 1906–8
  12. James Callaghan, Lab 1976–79
  13. Edward Heath, Con 1970–74
  14. Ramsay MacDonald, Lab 1924, 1929–31, 31–35
  15. John Major, Con 1990–97
  16. Andrew Bonar Law, Con 1922–23
  17. Neville Chamberlain, Con 1937–40
  18. Arthur Balfour, Con 1902–05
  19. Alec Douglas-Home, Con 1963–64
  20. Anthony Eden, Con 1955–57

Do they know it's not Christmas?

Follow-up to Merry Christmas! from Luke's blog

I wrote an entry in October bemoaning the early coming of Christmas and I see no reason not to elaborate on the theme now. As I write this, we're about half and hour into December. 25 days until Christmas, yet already I'm suffering festive fatigue because everywhere I look, there's some bastard selling Christmas present or decorations, and some pathetically cheesy festive music being blasted out of every shop at a million decibels. The country seems to be so festooned with Christmas decorations that it's a wonder it doesn't sink into the briney deeps, and, to cap it all off, I still have loads of work to do before the end of term. So, let me say nice and clearly for the benefit of everyone under the impression that Christmas goes from mid-September until December 31st: Christmas goes from December 25th to January 6th – that's twelve days out of twelve months. We don't need a quarter of the year to be given over to it (to be honest, even the beginning of December is a bit early for my tastes), and anyone who does it either a.) mad, b.) wrong, or c.) desperately trying to shift some over-priced crap no one in their right mind would buy at any other time of the year.

Before you run off with the idea that I'm anti-Christmas though (if, by some miracle, you're still reading at this point), I like Christmas; it's just that I don't like the fact the preceding three months have to be devoted to a hideous orgy of increasingly frenzied consumption and shit music. Anyway, I'm off to bed now, and already anticipating the presence of Easter eggs in the shops in January.

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