March 08, 2007

Tory shows that he's still part of 'the nasty party'

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The Tory Shadow Home Affairs Spokesman Patrick Mercer has been forced to quit after he said that being called a ‘black bastard’ is a ‘normal part of army life’ for black soldiers. Now, this may or may not be true, but being true isn’t the same as being acceptable. After all, signs on guesthouses saying ‘no blacks or Irish’ used to be a ‘normal part of life;’ does that make them acceptable? Jim Crow Laws in the Deep South used to be a ‘normal part of life;’ does that make them acceptable? Once again a top Tory shows idiotic and illogical bigotry to try to argue that racial discrimination isn’t a problem that anyone should be dealing with. If what he says is true, the army should be doing its utmost to stamp such things out, not blandly dismissing them as a ‘normal part of life.’ Then, the second part of Mercer’s idiocy, moaning about ‘idle’ BME soldiers using racial abuse as a ‘cover’ would also become irrelevant. And we’re asked to put cretins like this in government.

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  1. Dave

    Hmm, not sure what to make of this. It is what happens in the Army for sure. Also bullying is one of the main ways of training up a civilian into a soldier, the end result is of course to create someone who will work cohesively with any other soldier (irrespective of creed, colour or hair colour) under extreme pressure and be willing to lay their lives down if called upon for their fellow soldiers.

    I dare say only those who have been in the forces should argue the point, half of the culture is banter among colleagues (I’m sure it’s not too prevalent in basic training, more for the established soldiers) which regularly involves some form of abuse of varying un-pc-ness. As to the point when this wanders into discrimination it’s hard to tell, you have to be there when things are said to tell if it’s friends ragging each other or something more serious.

    No, in an ideal world soldiers could be made and exist without any abuse either racial or otherwise. But I honestly think that banter is part of a team that works under those situations and people cross the line – it’s what people do. And there are lazy cretins who play the race card to sidestep trouble (I know for a fact within the NHS, so no doubt in the army too), and if there were no racial insults then maybe (although only maybe) they couldn’t try that defence, but that won’t happen any time soon.

    Anyway as I said best to ask some soldiers if you want an opinion worth a damn. Military and civilian have led different lives for centuries, and looking from one world to the other will always be hard.

    09 Mar 2007, 07:12

  2. Dave

    Never try to comment on a serious issue on the arse-end of a 12 hour night shift, few things I thought of in the cold clear light of day…

    Firstly bullying of any kind is wrong, the training is harsh and the banter much – but efforts are made not to wander into bullying (I believe if race is raised, then you aren’t allowed to say it was ‘banter’ – think the only person I’ve ever heard called a ‘black bastard’ was the best mate of a the guy who’d been living in the same digs for 2 years, so more of a close friends issur there), there’re even grievance procedures outside the chain of command. I hope the forces are becoming a more open society – the only discrimination should be between good soldiers and slackers.

    Besides that I really don’t think a guy should end a political career because he said ‘it happens’ instead of ‘it happens and I disaprove’, which I personnaly think is the case.

    09 Mar 2007, 14:53

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