March 29, 2007

The symbolic failure of David Cameron's wind turbine

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Apparently David Cameron’s much-heralded wind turbine has had to be removed from his roof after only a week after it was put in the wrong place. According to the Beeb, planning permission was granted only for the turbine to be attached to the chimney, but the contractors were concerned that the structure of the chimney wouldn’t be able to support the turbine. Being cynical and anti-Tory, I’m strongly tempted to see this as a metaphor for Cameron’s environmental policy as a whole; a whirling device supposed to generate power being grafted onto a structure not capable of holding it up.

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  1. The proof is in the pudding, look at the polls. Cameron isn’t running for election yet so he has no reason whatosever to spell out a vast range of policies when they aren’t going to be voted on for years and when they may no longer be applicable or relevant by the time an election comes around.

    That aside, people who are pissed off and feel that he is getting away with gimmicks, slick advertising and a cheesy smile oughn’t be annoyed with Cameron – after all he’s only giving the electorate (with their hello magazine mentality and the attention spans of goldfish) what they want. The say that the people get the politicians they deserve – never have I thought that saying was more apt that now.

    02 May 2007, 04:47

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