October 22, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Yep, you read the title right. Apparently, the season of mellow fruitfulness has already given way to the season of pseudo-religious rampant commericalism – at least if the stock in shops is anything to go by. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Christmas is on December 25th (by the western Christian tradition anyway) and currently, this is over two months, yes TWO MONTHS in the future. And Christmas tat has been in the shops for nearly two months already. You seriously have to ask yourself what kind of person buys their wrapping paper and Christmas cards in September; I know the Royal Mail is bad, but it isn't that bad. And every single shop seems to be in on the act – you go into Costcutters and get bombarded with displays of festive-sized packets of sweets, the Co-op try to flog you gaudy plastic decorations, Smith's is full to the brim of the sort of 'festive' board games you play once and lose half the pieces of, and every bookshop from here to Penzance is piled high with the sort of novelty books which sell millions of copies but which no one ever actually gets around to reading.

I'm generally in favour of Christmas on the grounds that you have to celebate something and it is as convenient a time as any; however, I think that trying to start it in September (or even earlier in some cases) is taking the piss. Basically, anyone who tries to flog Christmas stuff before the start of advent is jumping the gun in my book. I mean, there isn't any real need; it's not like most shops aren't open every day from Easter Sunday until Christmas Eve anyway – what's the rush?

Anyway, all together now: 'O come, all ye faithful…'

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  1. On september 11th I went to our local supermarket to get some charcoal for a BBQ. The seasonal section had two collections of stuff – one part filled with charcoal, picnic and BBQ odds and sods, the usual summer sun items, the other part filled with advent calendars, crackers and tinsel.

    I found this really really disturbing – do we not even get a break for Autumn anymore. Before I've even had a chance to clear away the last BBQ of the season I have to start thinking about Christmas decorations?

    I don't know what's worse – christmas in september or stuff like Grandparents day (urrgh).

    BTW - you think this is bad – I recently got engaged and if you think the christmas industry is tough wait till you have to deal with the wedding industry – they are the most relentless peddlers of crappy tosh. The shelves of magazines, books and websites are all designed to make you believe you have to part with as much money as possible – £200 for stationery my arse! In the 1950s they reckoned the average wedding cost about 60p/min – now its £61/min.

    22 Oct 2004, 15:23

  2. Yeah its stupid. I was in the gym the other day and I think it was radio 1 on in the background and they played a christmas song!!!!

    22 Oct 2004, 15:32

  3. Nick Hull

    For my sins, during Uni vacations I had the joy of working at the epiome of tatse that was B&M Bargains in Blackpool. During the summer vacation we sold all the usual 99p Xmas junk. Come end of September when it was time to return to Uni we had sold out of the Xmas stuff and had moved on to making room for Valentines and Easter…. ;-)

    Thanks to experineces like this, I still regard Coventry as city of the utmost decency and taste, and unbelievably better designed architecture.

    The scars of having been born in Blackpool will take a little while longer to heal I think :(

    22 Oct 2004, 15:46

  4. Lol! I know exactly what you mean, but I gotta confess – I already bought one xmas present! – In my defence, it was a special occaision, a signed book by one of the 'Writers at Warwick' but thats already got me wondering what to get other people. Its not my fault tho – I say blame the big cheeses who think its fun to mock us poor virgoes by setting us in a spin by the thought we are too disorganised by starting the xmas push earlier each year. Cruel: Virgo Bating funny – but not nice!

    23 Oct 2004, 22:53

  5. Went into Tescos metro the other day (this was about 4 to 5 weeks ago now) – as you do – and was shocked to see they had an offer on mince pies, yule log, Christmas cake, Christmas puddings, the lot! Not only this, but the best before date on the mince pies was before the end of November…

    06 Nov 2004, 17:37

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