October 14, 2004

I got lost

Newly discovered artist: Erykah Badu

My housemates were concerned that I was missing last night. luckily, I wasn't.

I've been feeling really strange recently, like theres something that isn't quite right, like something really important that i've forgot to do, and its beginning to stress me out. I've got loads of reading to do, loads of seminar problems to tackle – and i feel like university is the only thing I'm thinking about.

I'm going to take the bus onto campus today and go to the gym, then I'm going to a 'Body Language' workshop – unfortunately its got nothing to do with Kylie Minogue. Should be fun (or not).

October 13, 2004

Library Fun

Im in the library, wasting time, and decided to check out the Warwick blog site – and I'm actually quite impressed. Of course, this means that I've wasted about 45 minutes working out what to do, how to create this miserable excuse of a blog, and now I'm here typing something (wasting more time). The question now is, what can I talk about?


Im so bored of this dump, I've been driving in every day, arriving onto campus at about 7:50am every morning to guarantee myself a parking space (as I have neither a parking permit, nor a tolerance for slow moving grannies on the road). It seems like I spend more time in the Library wasting time than I do actually working. I've actually got so much work to do, but the more it stacks up, the more I dont want to do it. Perhaps arson would solve the problem, or maybe if I kill the lecturers who can't speak English. Clever, employing people with accents so grating you could cut cheese with it.

About the most interesting discussion I've had these last few days was with one of my housemates, when she asked me what I knew about yeast infections. "Luke, you know yeast infections…" – well actually NO I DON'T… but by the end of our chat, she had me looking up yeasty fanny on the internet so she could check what came first, yeast or flaps… Basically, i've had to conclude that she's pretty filthy, and now im going to buy some freeze-dried yeast and put it in her room somewhere, and leave it to fester on a damp spot on the carpet, until her room smells like a bakery. Everyone will think shes got a baker's fanny. ha ha. Ive put a pic of something i found whilst googling for 'crusty vaginal infections'. fascinating stuff.

Back to work i suppose…

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