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May 24, 2010

Me as a leader

Me as a Leader

Finally I had a chance to be a leader during Hotel simulation.

What I have learned was it is very important to assess the skills of the team and make use of them. During simulation I had two strong personalities in my team and it was difficult to manage them. The approach I have decided to take was to be firm and in control throughout simulation. Only in this way I was able to finish long and pointless dialogues which didn’t bring anything to the simulation. I made sure the team knows what to do and what are objectives. The next step was asking for opinion of the team, listening to all the views and changing my own opinion if any good point where raised. I tried not criticise anybody. However at the end of the day I had to make decision based on their views and my personal opinion of what is the best for the future. Some team members where very persuasive with their views and didn’t like it if I didn’t agree with them. The other important thing I have learned was you cannot please everybody people are different and have different opinions. I did my best to listen to everybody but when I did not agree with their opinions they were upse. While being a leader we have to make decisions the others may not like.

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