October 19, 2009

Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation Exercise 4

There is the opportunity to lead a new team that will introduce a new (or substantially amended) service. Conduct a self-assessment exercise as suggested in the notes and outline how your sectoral, managerial and personal skills match the service.

The quality of the people involved in a new venture is most important than the strength of he business idea. The key to effectiveness to carry on any task is the combination of ability and effort. With the self-assessment we can assess whether a individual has the ability to perform the task required for profit exploitation and has the enough motivation to do this.

To carry on the self assessment there are three steps that should be performed, these are: study the own life experience, a formal audit of business sector managerial and personal skills, and at the end seeks to identify important goals in one’s life. I am going to focus on developing the analysis of the step two, identifying my strengths and weaknesses to respond aspects of Sector Skills, Management Ability and Personal attributes.

Personals Skills



Sector skills

Wide experience but not deep experience in sectors different to Public sector.

My experience started from technological areas to functional areas. For these reason I have an inclination to technology 

Experience in IT services as IT Architect and Project Manager.

Experience in Public Sector, developing citizen services. Some experience in Telco, Utilities and Financial.

Experience in big companies. I work at IBM for almost ten years and I was four years in Lucent Technologies.

Management ability

No experience as people manager.

No experiences in management of departments.

Experience as Project Manager in a medium size IT projects for almost seven years.

Personal Attributes

No very strict with the staff.

Needs a lot of data in order to take decisions with the intention of please everyone.

Honest with the managers and staff.

Responsible with my goals and projects.

Always try to innovate.

In order to identify fits and gaps I am going to use the Belbin’s (1984) managerial profiling of people’s managerial styles. Through of this framework, I have answered seven questions in order to identify which one is the most appropriate profile for me.

Belbin’s team role profiles

Figure.1. Belbin’s team role profiles.

The result of the test show that I fit better with the Coordinator profile and Completer finisher. Both are very good profiles in order to carry on the launch of the new service, but would be convenient that the team have some profile with creativity and team builder.

Personal Aspirations

I have lived in a family with own business and for a lot of time I have thought to avoid the familiar business and follow my own way in a big company. Nonetheless it is difficult to forget the intention to create your own company, mainly because is a way to satisfy a lot of aspirations as are be able to carry on a firm, create employment, etc… Currently I am working in IBM and is a company that can help me to get my own goals, because it's a company where I can get the knowledge, experience and networking necessary to create a company or to have the opportunity of manage a department where carry on the goals aimed at developing technologies and products that make life easier for others.


Andrew Burke (2009. ‘Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation’ Study Notes, Warwick Business School.

Belbin Web Site:



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  1. Harminder Singh

    Hi Luis,
    the blog has concentrated on the ‘push’ factors i.e. those relating to career path dependency…what about ‘pull’ factors i..e those personal to you that take you into the future..your personal aspirations and the contexts that enable you to grow.

    20 Oct 2009, 18:46

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