April 26, 2009

Aurora Leigh handout and close reading exercise

Please click al_handout.doc to access the handout I distributed in the seminars on Thursday. Note that I have asked you to do a close reading exercise and bring this to class with you this coming week. Please make sure that you come prepared. As I said in the seminars, if there are any topics that you would particularly like to go over in the revision sessions, please email me by Tuesday and let me know.

March 27, 2009


To help you prepare for your exams, I’ve listed a few tips and helpful links. We will be discussing revision in more detail in our final two seminars.

Click here for a list of suggested topics you may like to consider

Click here to see some past RVP exam papers. Note that in your exam, you are not allowed to substantially repeat information that you included in your assessed essays.

Make sure that you are familar with some the poems we have looked at through the course of the seminar series and the contextual background of these poems

Practice your close reading skills by analysing some poems you are less famiilar with

Familarise yourself with the terminology used to discuss poetry and the use of certain techniques to create particular effects. James Fenton’s An Introduction to English Poetry and Rhian Williams’ The Poetry Toolkit are both excellent guides. Whilst Fenton’s book will guide you in your consideration of form, Williams’ book contains several examples of close poetic analysis.

March 10, 2009

Week 10 seminr

Hi there,

This is just another reminder to come to this week’s seminar fully prepared. You can find the poems which are not included in the Anthology either on the department’s website. Please print these off and bring them with you along with comments or questions about them.

See you on Thursday

February 16, 2009

Christina Rossetti's 'The World'

Please click here for the text of ‘The World.’ Please bring a copy of the sonnet to class with you on Thursday. The rest of the poems for this week are in your anthology.

Since I have only heard that one person can’t make the re-scheulded seminar time, I presume it suits everyone else and look forward to seeing you all twice on Thursday.

February 09, 2009

Re–scheduled semainars

Since I had to cancel the seminars last Thursday, I’m re-scheduling them for week 7 (Thursday Feb 19th).

If you are in my first seminar group, meeting at 10-11 on Thursdays, then please come to H507 at 4-5.

If you are in my second seminar group, meeting at 12-1 on Thursdays, then please come to H507 at 5-6.

In these re-scheduled seminars, we will be looking at Aurora Leigh. In the normal morning seminars, we will be looking at Christina Rossetti as planned so those of you down to give presentations, please come prepared. Please treat these sessions as normal seminars and let me know in advance if you are unable to attend.

January 28, 2009


The university’s Counselling Services are running a number of workshops during the next few weeks which you may find useful. This link:


will take you to the list of workshops and to an online boking system.

Second assessed essay

Click here to see the details for your second assessed essay. Please make sure that you read the accompanying information carefully.

January 09, 2009

Victorian timeline

In the seminars yesterday, I gave out a timeline that you may find helpful in contextualising some of the poems we are studying this term. Please click here to print out the handout if you missed it timeline_1.doc

December 04, 2008

Seminar schedule for term 2

The seminars will follow the course of the lectures. Please make sure that you have done the relevant reading for each week. Most texts can be found in Thomas J. Collins and Vivienne J. Rundle, ed., The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Poetry and Poetic Theory (Broadview, 1999); ISBN 1551111004. Please also make sure that you check this blog at least once a week.

Week 1 Tennyson, ‘The Kraken’; ‘Ulysses’; Barrett Browning, ‘The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim’s Point’.

Week 2 Tennyson, ‘Mariana in the Moated Grange’; ‘The Lady of Shalott’; ‘Barrett Browning, ‘The Musical Instrument’; ‘The Cry of the Children’; ‘

Week 3 Tennyson, In Memoriam.

Week 4 Tennyson, ‘Maud: A Monodrama’.

Week 5. Barrett Browning, Aurora Leigh.

Week 6 Reading Week.

Week 7 Rossetti, ‘A Birthday’; ‘The World’; ‘Goblin Market’; ‘After Death’; ‘Uphill’; ‘A Better Resurrection’; ‘In an Artist’s Studio’.

Week 8 Hopkins, ‘God’s Grandeur’; ‘The Windhover’; ‘As kingfishers catch fire…’; ‘Carrion Comfort’; ‘Harry Ploughman’.

Week 9 Swinburne, ‘Anactoria’; ‘The Garden of Proserpine’.

Week 10 Levy, ‘Contradictions’; ‘In the Mile End Road’; ‘Ballade of an Omnibus’; ‘On the Threshold’; ‘Magdalen’; Webster, ‘Medea’; ‘Thompson, ‘The Hound of Heaven’.

December 01, 2008

Hemans and Landon

As you will have noticed, not all of the poems that you have been asked to read for the seminar this week are included in the Wu anthology. Apart from L.E.L’s ‘Calypso Watching the Ocean’ which you should have picked up in the lecture, the other poems which are listed but are not included in the anthology can be found in The Broadview Anthology of Victorian Poetry and Poetry and Poetic Theory that you have been asked to buy for next term. If you have not yet brought this text, a couple of the poems can be found online (Casabianca and ‘The Factory’). Please do make sure that you buy the anthology as soon as possible as it will be a good idea to begin reading it over the Christmas vacation.

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