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June 27, 2007

My very own mini–Glastonbury experience…

I’m getting ready with wellies on standby to head down south to good old Gloucestershire for not one, but 2 gigs at Westonbirt this weekend! The first one I’m going to is to see The Feeling with Mum, my cousin, aunty, Stu and Sarah. The next day Mum and I are going back to see James Morrison (her Birthday Present).

It’s likely to rain and be muddy. Surely this will help capture the true feeling of gigging in Great Britain. I couldn’t afford Glastonbury and I wouldn’t have wanted to sleep in a tent floating on mud, but I really don’t think I’m going to mind wearing wellies this weekend and dancing around like a nutter. Yay!

oooh and also uber yay for the Smoking Ban coming in on 1st July. I may have to sit in a pub somewhere and drink a toast to all the smokers who will be sitting outside in the rain.

June 17, 2007

Highlights of the weekend

I’ve just had a brilliant weekend, it all started Friday evening (once I’d waded back from flooded Leam) we went to the college ball and had a great time (the only downer was the soggy and egg-like Creme Brulee) and wore brilliant masks:


It took most of Sat to recover from that, but a trip to the gym helped and then we were off to Sarah’s for a brilliant dinner party – expertly cooked and hosted!


Today Sarah and I had a picnic in Jephson Gardens and then sat and watched Brass Soc performing, which was all terribly British and nice. We had pimms and Strawberries with cream and were terribly civilised (until the Mafia boys a.k.a Craigy, Dave, Andy and Chris) joined us and started embarassing us by humming all the harmony lines!

Mafia Boys

I’m now slobbing on the couch catching up on T.V. (and oggling David Tennant) and drinking tea. Life is good :-)

June 07, 2007


Just got the latest CBSO programme through the post and there are some concerts I think I may just have to go and see! I love the CBSO I think they’re fab and I also love Symphony Hall, it’s damned near perfect and adjustible accoustics make it a joy to sit and listen to a concert in. So here’s what I’d like to see (funds permitting)

14th Sept – Benevolent Fund Concert: Russian Classics – inc. Night on the Bare Mountain and Rachmaninov Symphony No.2. I LOVE Russian Music it’s just glorious.

30th November – Friday Night Classics: Hollywood Divas – including show tunes such as Over the rainbow, Don’t rain on my parade, I have confidence and Feed the Birds (reckon I can persuade Naomi to go to that one hehe)

3rd Feb – Sing along with the CBSO: Orff’s Carmina Burana – always a brilliant day out singing with the CBSO…and I’ve not sung Carmina Burana before so that would be a good challenge!

Tues 14th Feb – True Romantics – I think I know what we’ll be going to see on Valentine’s Day given that this programme includes the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.2!!

31st May – Battles on the Ice – 1812 Overture and Alexander Nevsky. I’d like to hear the CBSO chorus doing this because we did it and it was such a challenge but totally worthwhile!

25th June – Pictures at an exhibition – I absolutely adore this piece.

I’d like to go to more but I know that even out of the ones I’ve picked, I’ll probably see less than half. Ah to have more money and time!

June 04, 2007


Today I have been mainly revising and listening to Mozart symphonies. I have so far listened to no less than 461.77 minutes worth. I bought all 46 symphonies in Fopp ages ago and it was a bargain buy at £7. I have thoughrally enjoyed them, even if the work I’ve been doing has been less of a joy to me (ah well, this time tomorrow it will be over)

Exam tomorrow…then one Thurs and another Friday – then freedom! Hurrah. Wish me luck!

May 17, 2007


Jools – the man is a complete and utter legend! Had a fantastic time last night and even got up and danced for a couple of songs…not as well as one of the “dads” up at the front, he was really going for it!

I wish I could play even half as well as he can. Totally amazing! Hearing him live just makes you realise how talented he really is. His Orchestra are also amazing – there was some serious Beef being emitted from the Baritone sax!

Jools Holland live – Highly recommended.

May 15, 2007

Uber excitement and anticipation!

I’m going to see Jools Holland tomorrow!!!!!

This is uber exciting! Hurrah for Jools! yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay!

Did I mention Yay?


March 23, 2007

Wooo hooo!

I’ve got tickets to see The Feeling!!! YAY!!!!

March 14, 2007


Last night the University of Warwick Symphony Orchestra and Chorus performed 2 amazing pieces of music. The first was Elgar’s ‘The Music Makers’ and the second was Mahler’s 2nd Symphony (resurrection). Neither of these pieces were familiar to me when we started rehearsals 10 weeks ago, but now I’m totally in love with them!

The Elgar is a lovely piece to sing, tricky in places, what with all the time changes and varying tempos, but there are some fantastic parts and I have to congratulate Gaynor, the contralto soloist who has the most fantastic voice, so rich and controlled – I wish I could sing like that!!

Then after the interval it was the Mahler. I was really looking forward to hearing it – the chorus are tacet for the first four movements so we really had chance to hear the symphony orchestra put on a sterling performance of what is a challenging, exciting and immense piece of music – I don’t think I’ve seen so many people on stage (well apart from the free concert, but that’s a bit of a free for all!!) – we’re talking 2 harpists, 8 or 9 double basses, a fleet of trumpets and trombones (including offstage brass) uber horn section, a very healthy oboe and clarinet section – everything done on a big scale and it sounded awesome. Our 5th Movement I found particularly challenging as we start sitting, on a low Db, which is a hard note for me to get down to, but it was all worth it for the last page! I think it’s a fantastic thing to be able to belt out a top Bb at fortissimo – it does something to you, leaves you on a massive high and I have to say that the ending made my knees go wobbly!!

I think by the time we had finished it was nearly 11pm, hence the title of the blog – an epic concert in more ways than one!! It was nice to sit and have a drink afterwards, although I’m completely exhausted today and not looking forward to a day of work!!

March 09, 2007

so great!

I just have to say it’s absolutely brilliant having a piano back again! I can’t stop looking at it and thinking ‘oooh you’re so pretty!’ and I’ve already stayed up beyond 1am playing it (which is bad on a schoolnight, as it renders me tired and grumpy at work). Krys has lent me an uber-beef book of piano music which is nearly 400 pages long – I can see myself sitting down one Sunday afternoon and just playing through the whole book!

Anyway, I have some proper pictures of my actual piano rather than the ‘it looks vaguely like this one’ pic that I put up here a few days ago. I’m still so excited about it!!

lid down
lid up

I also wanted to show you a picture that made us all smile when we saw it… taken from the Tate Modern Restaurant after a rainshower…

rainbow over the thames

I think that’s pretty cool.

March 05, 2007

uber beautifulness–idge

Behold!! My beautiful new piano! Is fit, no? I like very much.

Yamaha piano

Oh and for those of you who like model details it’s the YDP131.


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