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September 04, 2008

Why not?

Writing about web page

Katie Price/Jordan whatever you choose to call have to admit, whether you like her or not, she certainly knows how to promote herself. Her latest equestrian range is...well, pink to say the least. And as classy as it isn't, there's something fun and quite friendly about it. Pink has been increasingly creeping into the equestrian world - I have a very nice pink Tayberry cap and of course there is their welly range based on the original hunter welly design, to name but a few items. Silks and pink crops have always been available as far as I can remember.

wellies pink

(mum told me when I was picking out new wellies there was no way anyone from the countryside would take me seriously in these so I bought green ones but I wanted those spotty ones, I really did.)

So Katie's range includes such horsey looking tops as stripy cross country shirts, equestrian jackets and also pink headcollars, leadropes and rugs for your fashion concious equine friends too. I'm assuming she might branch out into pink Jodphurs at some point as well - perhaps with her logo printed on the Arse as is popular with such styles as Juicy Couture tracksuit bottoms (although I hope they won't be as expensive...)

I wonder what the equestrian world really thinks of the range - or for that matter, what their opinion on Katie Price is. Well, I think that we know what a certain proportion of the community think of the woman but perhaps they're not so snobbish about her merchandise. Then again... it is VERY pink.

I grew up loving horses and desperately wanting one of my own. Katie obviously felt the same, and luckily for her she's now in a position to afford to own and look after them, something my poor old bank balance won't stretch to. Unfortunately it is quite an exclusive and snobby sport - historically only the rich could really afford to keep horses for pleasure, rather than for work, and games such as polo and sports such as hunting were therefore never really available to your average rider. This is probably largely still so, there is definitely an element of it being about your connections, rather than your riding ability. Katie might not be the right image for the sport, but her money is as good as anyone else's and what harm would it really have caused to have let her in to the match? I can't say I'm her number one fan, but you can't say that she hasn't worked for what she has achieved, whether you approve of her methods or not.

So would I buy her pink range? Probably not. I don't think there's anything particularly unique about it, If I want to wear a pink shirt riding I can probably pick one up in Matalan for half the price, the chances are that if I did buy something I'd get it covered in slobber and grass stains when (inevitably) I fall off at high speed. Perhaps if she had a range that was wipe-clean and padded I might be interested (or perhaps I should just stick to stroking horses over a fence or mucking them out - less distance to fall!) but still, Katie I salute you for bringing much pinkness to the Horsey world.

August 26, 2008


Writing about web page

Well it's not that much of a surprise that Scrabulous has now been removed by Mattel, but I have to say personally I'm a little bit gutted. Not that I think they had the right to continue, and despite certain arguments I never could see how scrabulous wasn't a pretty near carbon copy of Scrabble (c) so the outcome was fairly inevitable all along.

I would agree though that Scrabble (c) would have been wise to have made something equally good, either by utilising the skills of the scrabulous creators or simply copying them (tit for tat!) but from what I've read (admittedly I've not tried the official scrabble game application, I can't make myself add it because I know most of my friends won't bother and that's the main reason I played so that I could play against them, I don't want to play randoms!) the official version is nowhere near as good as scrabulous was. I think there's a time limit within which you have to make your move or the game is abandoned. This, to my mind is a bit naff. Not all of us have 24hr access to the internet, and I don't know about any other users, but if I'm on holiday for the week I'm hardly going to log in to make my move.

As per any game, you have people who are more involved than others. For some this will have been a genuine blow and real cause of distress, for others it's a loss but they'll find something else to play in their lunch hours and for the rest they'll probably not even notice it's disappeared from their pages. I'd say I fall into the middle category. I played it quite a lot, usually had 6 or more games on the go, and enjoyed looking up new words. I'd say it had increased my vocabulary and word regonition skills to some degree. I will miss more the interaction between friends who played it - I loved the banter you could have in the little message box to the side. Some very amusing conversations passed between us! Especially playing against people I don't get to see very often - an old school friend used to thrash me at the game, and then I beat him - the joy!!

I think I'd still go out and buy the board game, I never owned it or really played it before scrabulous so by rights I probably should have bought one at some point anyway, and I don't go with the whole boycotting of the Mattel group products (Barbie was a very important part of my childhood) because I don't think it will prove anything. I would probably argue that sales of scrabble (c) have probably risen as a result of scrabulous (I don't know if they have, I have no stats to say either way) or at least it hasn't done them any harm (their legal action may have though if some of the comments are anything to go by) but I think they were always going to keep selling the board game/offline version with or without scrabulous.

So there you have it. If anyone's interested I'm now playing Pathwords. It looks like the blockbuster board ("I'll have a P(eee) please Bob") but it's nothing like that. It's not as good as scrabulous and it never will be. Sigh.

June 17, 2007

Highlights of the weekend

I’ve just had a brilliant weekend, it all started Friday evening (once I’d waded back from flooded Leam) we went to the college ball and had a great time (the only downer was the soggy and egg-like Creme Brulee) and wore brilliant masks:


It took most of Sat to recover from that, but a trip to the gym helped and then we were off to Sarah’s for a brilliant dinner party – expertly cooked and hosted!


Today Sarah and I had a picnic in Jephson Gardens and then sat and watched Brass Soc performing, which was all terribly British and nice. We had pimms and Strawberries with cream and were terribly civilised (until the Mafia boys a.k.a Craigy, Dave, Andy and Chris) joined us and started embarassing us by humming all the harmony lines!

Mafia Boys

I’m now slobbing on the couch catching up on T.V. (and oggling David Tennant) and drinking tea. Life is good :-)

June 11, 2007

The fun starts now!

At 12pm on Saturday I finished my last exam and celebrated with bacardi…and Sambucca…and pernod. I was in Aniseed heaven. Thus began the weekend of loveliness in London, going out for Nic’s birthday and discovering one of her friends actually knew vaguely where my home village was – a rare occurrance- and then spending Sunday wandering around the Imperial War Museam and walking miles around the city in the most glorious sunshine, sitting in Hyde Park and having a picnic…fabness!

Back at work today, but it’s been good, busy but nice to see everyone after my week off doing the exams. I may be going to see Pirates of the Caribbean this week, I have Saturday’s Dr Who to watch so there will be droolidge occuring, and then I have a masquerade ball to go to on Friday, a dinner party on Saturday and a picnic while watching “Brass on the Grass” on Sunday.

Congrats to everyone who has now finished their exams – especially the finalists! I had some very funny texts from certain people (Naomi) during the celebrations which kept me amused and reminded me of how much fun I’d had on my end of exam day!

Summer is here – wooooooo!

Things to look forward to:

Legitimate reasons to wear white skirts.
Vague notions of suntans.
Alton Towers.
The Feeling.
James Morrison.
Sitting in the garden and reading a book.
Visiting parks and posh houses.
Summer concerts in the sunshine.

I’m in such a good mood I’m not putting anything that I’m not looking forward to on here – it does not deserve a place on this sunny entry!

February 26, 2007

London here we come!

Follow-up to Wooooo! from Juicy's Blog

Something guaranteed to cheer me up – Stu and I are going to see Avenue Q this Sat!! Yay! It’s our Anniversary treat (3 years next week, that’s impressive!) so we’re going to the matinee and we’ll also be going to the Tate Modern and hopefully one of the Museams- although not decided which yet…likely to be either the Imperial War Museam or the V&A. Depends how much we think we can get done in a day.

Oh and does anyone have any recommendations for nice places to eat in the evening after the show? It’s at the Noel Coward Theatre, St Martins Lane – I have no idea where that is! All suggestions welcome!

February 22, 2007


I might be going to London next weekend to see Avenue Q, go on the eye and visit the Tower of London! Muchos excitment!

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