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April 26, 2008

Nasty things and nice things

Yesterday I had an oral assessment at college (in Room 101 – eek!) which was pretty hideous (really not a good speaker especially when I’m being videoed and assessed!) but luckily over fairly quickly. As I was in Birmingham Stu had booked a table later that evening at San Carlo Italian Restaurant on Temple Street so I decided to go shopping until he arrived on the train, which gave me a couple of hours to wander about a bit.

Unlike the previous weekends attempts, I was in a much better frame of mind for shopping and so got myself some bargains before Dinner. I braved the horrors of Primark and managed to get myself some flip-flops, new ballet pumps, a polka dot skirt and some tights/pants/socks for a bargainous £22 quid and then I wandered towards the Bull Ring, where I went into Zavvi and took advantage of the 3 for £20 on DVD offer, got myself the BBC Pride and Prejudice version (which I have on video but a certain “wet shirt” scene has become rather worn out on the tape so I decided it needed to be replaced!) as well as Happy Feet (on Laura’s recommendation) and Shrek the Third (to complete my set). Cheesy, but bargainous all the same.

I then decided to be brave and go back into Selfridges (which had been wholly unsuccessful the previous weekend) to spend my birthday voucher from Lu given to me back in October! I wanted to get some D&G Light Blue to replace my now sadly empty bottle but when I went in before I couldn’t see it, there were lots of pushy sales people in there and I generally panicked and didn’t ask them if it was there. This time I calmly walked into the perfume section, had a look on all the shelves and soon spotted what I wanted. I decided to go for the 100ml bottle in the end as it was £45 and I had £20 off so got a lot of perfume for not a lot of money! Hurrah.

Then I met Stu at New Street and we went for a quick drink in Bacchus which I love as it’s underground and a real mismatch of styles but with really nice chairs and good wine! At 7pm we headed to the restaurant which is totally brilliant! I had an avocado and crab starter served in a scallop shell and then Lobster Thermador with sautéed spinach and garlicky potatoes which was divine! We finished off with coffee and limoncello (way too stuffed for pudding although they looked delicious). The wine was also gorgeous and the best part was that the bill was on Stu’s work! They told him he could treat us both to a nice meal as he had been working really hard for someone so as a belated birthday meal (seeing as I was revising on Thursday his actual birthday) we went there and it was FANTASTIC. Stu had the scallops and they were wonderfully tender and he’d had a italian sausage and polenta starter which also looked very tasty.

The rest of this weekend is completely free and so I’m looking forward to chilling out and sorting a few things out, doing some piano practice and going for a nice meal with Stu’s family at the Punchbowl in Lapworth. If it’s as good as the other two Lapworth pubs we’re in for a treat tomorrow.

So this weekend started off with a bit of a nightmare, but the rest of it has been lovely so far and I feel really happy!

September 25, 2007

Niceness on a Monday evening

Having not really done very much socially during the week for ages (due to college work) it was really nice to get dressed up and go out to the Basement with Stu, Sarah and Simon (whole load of S names there…) for a really lovely meal.

We opted for the fixed price 3 course menu, and had a good selection of delicious home made food. I had the chicken and portacinni mushroom pate, followed by chicken stuffed with brie and wrapped in bacon and then topped off by a baileys creme brulee (Sarah and I had very similar expressions of glee when we took our first mouthful – it was fantastic!!)

The atmosphere was really nice and relaxed and we had a lovely waiter who was very good at recommending wine! I had a thoughrally lovely evening and it’s a great way to help forget the fact that there are still 4 rather long working days ahead of me before the weekend. Definately recommended – it’s cosy and intimate for couples or small groups, you take your time and it’s not a bad price at all for good quality food. And if you’re still hungry Vialli’s is just a hop skip and jump away… ;-P

June 20, 2007

so unfair.

Why is it that all the nicest foods are so bad for you?

OK so I’ll admit I haven’t made the most exciting salad today (cucumber, tomato and ham) but healthy foods just don’t satisfy that longing urge for something truly delicious in the same way that a combination of double cream and chocolate does.

Weight Watchers suggest substituting bad things for less bad ones (e.g. cooking with fry light rather than a blob of oil or skimmed milk instead of full fat) which I wholeheartedly agree with and follow. But there’s no substitute for a nice pork sausage or a bar of Dairy Milk. There just isn’t. And them telling me it’s OK to just have a little bit – which equates to 1 sausage or about 2 squares of chocolate- doesn’t help me when I want to eat at least 2 sausages or the entire bar.

And so my battle continues.

The activity points thing is good though, so by going to the gym I earn extra points, just in case I did pinch that extra sausage…but it’s better not to use them, thus aiding the weight-loss process.
Keeping track of what you eat is also good, although it’s tough when you’ve been invited to dinner and you don’t know exactly how much of something has been put in so it’s hard to calculate the points…the best thing to do then is eat as few point-based foods as possible during the day so that you have less to worry about come the evening. The last thing I want to do if someone has taken the trouble to invite me to dinner and cook me something nice is say “Oh I can’t have that I don’t have enough points”. Instant social outcast and straight to the top of the “dinner party no-no” list.

I am fortunate, I suppose, to love fruit and veg in most forms, so my snacking has certainly improved. I can’t remember the last time I had crisps – I tend to grab a banana or some grapes instead and feel a lot better for it. Also it’s strawberry season and they are my ultimate favourite food! Rather unfortunately though they do go very well with cream…

Well I’m nearly at the end of my salad. It’s not been great. However, losing another pound this week would be great and therefore worth it. It could happen I suppose.

June 17, 2007

Highlights of the weekend

I’ve just had a brilliant weekend, it all started Friday evening (once I’d waded back from flooded Leam) we went to the college ball and had a great time (the only downer was the soggy and egg-like Creme Brulee) and wore brilliant masks:


It took most of Sat to recover from that, but a trip to the gym helped and then we were off to Sarah’s for a brilliant dinner party – expertly cooked and hosted!


Today Sarah and I had a picnic in Jephson Gardens and then sat and watched Brass Soc performing, which was all terribly British and nice. We had pimms and Strawberries with cream and were terribly civilised (until the Mafia boys a.k.a Craigy, Dave, Andy and Chris) joined us and started embarassing us by humming all the harmony lines!

Mafia Boys

I’m now slobbing on the couch catching up on T.V. (and oggling David Tennant) and drinking tea. Life is good :-)

January 31, 2007


A pomegranite is officially the hardest fruit to extract the edible bits from.

But it is goooood, and well worth the effort, especially when blended with other random fruit and vodka.

December 13, 2006

In Keeping with the festive/foody theme this blog has adopted…

Writing about web page

Here is an interesting thought…


Happy Christmas!

December 12, 2006

A blog about food…

Last friday I made a cheesecake. Twas a very fine cheesecake, lovingly formed and very tasty. I will share it with you now…

White Choc Cheesecake

It’s a white chocolate cheesecake adapted from this recipe. Basically I melted a 200g bar of white chocolate and mixed this with a 500g tub of mascapone and added approx 2 tablespoons of icing sugar. That was it. For the base I blitzed several digestive biscuits with some melted butter (actually I didn’t have any butter so had to use spread) and packed them into the cake tin. I filled the tin with the mixture, sort of smoothed it off and then got some very funky mini orange and lemon jellies to create the artistic masterpiece.

It tasted damned fine. You just can’t go wrong with that many naughty ingredients!!

I’ve been trying to think of some cake-type recipies to make for my family for Christmas. I really want to try and make a turkish delight cheesecake – anyone ever found a recipe for that? I’m thinking I’ll just make something up randomly and see what happens.

Cheesecake = the best food in the world. Ever.

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