June 02, 2008


Follow-up to Sour Cream Wars – Part 2 of the Kitchen Window Saga from Juicy's Blog

The above entry, among others, has chronicled my despair and hatred of living next door to really horrible chav neighbours. They have committed various anti-social and other crimes, the following being a small example:

  • Thrown various dairy-based products at our kitchen window
  • Climbed on our bay window in the middle of the night as an escape route from their upstairs bedroom window
  • broken the wing mirror off Stu's car
  • Egged Stu's car
  • Repeatedly held loud fights at 12-4am both at weekends and during the week
  • Raced their Chavmobiles up and down the street, normally early in the morning and making full use of the horn while simultaniously revving their puny little 1ltr engines nearly to the point of death (if only)
  • Pissed around in the street and been very close to hitting my car with a large sports bag (they got screamed at for that)
  • Nearly been caught with drugs by the police (well they would have been if the police had actually bothered to check their cars where we saw them run and hide them before they arrived)
  • Completely and utterly destroyed the interior of a formally nice victorian terraced house (went in there last night and couldn't actually beleive it's possible for a house to be in that kind of state)

But, (drum roll if you please) at 11.55pm on the 31st May we had our last ever sighting of them as they blasted their horns and sped off down the street with the final remains of their belongings - they have been evicted!! WOOO! Well, I say evicted, they had actually signed an agreement saying they would be out by that date to make things quicker. For once they actually did what they were told.

The mess they have left behind though is terrible. The landlord thinks it will cost anything between 7-10K to get it back to a rentable state that anyone would actually consider good enough to live in. Everything is filthy, many of the original features of the house have been destroyed and then the garden...well, that's pretty much as bad as you get.

It's taken nearly 3 years to get rid of them but they've finally gone. They had so many chances to change and they never did. You can't say that we didn't try but they repeatedly refused to behave themselves and so now they have a whole load of orders slapped on them and noone in their right mind would offer them a house again. I think it's been a sobering lesson for the letting agents and the landlord!

May 23, 2008

Long time no blog.

I’m going off blogging. I don’t know why, as surely being a female I should want to talk about stuff all day long. But I never have anything interesting or funny to write any more. Maybe I’ve got to that stagnant part of my life where everything stays the same and I’ve just got used to the routine of it all. Or maybe I just can’t remember what it is I’ve done or when I do remember it seems pointless blogging about it because it happened so long ago. Perhaps I will start trying harder again.

Since I last blogged I’ve bought a desk, dyed my hair, passed two exams, failed one assessment, finished my college study weekends and started revising for final exams, seen the Bluetones, played in a show, avoided choir rehearsals, been a stroppy cow, been to two housewarmings, marched at Whit Friday, eaten lots of BBQ food, been hot & freezing, crashed my car*, fixed my car, made friends with a cat, attended a confirmation service, held a baby and broken a really nice glass. And that’s just the stuff I can remember!

Last night we did our second HMS Pinafore performance. It went really well! I’m really tired today though. Another two performances to go and then I get my evenings back (to start revision – boo!). Maybe I’ll find more time to blog once they’re over.

April 26, 2008

Nasty things and nice things

Yesterday I had an oral assessment at college (in Room 101 – eek!) which was pretty hideous (really not a good speaker especially when I’m being videoed and assessed!) but luckily over fairly quickly. As I was in Birmingham Stu had booked a table later that evening at San Carlo Italian Restaurant on Temple Street so I decided to go shopping until he arrived on the train, which gave me a couple of hours to wander about a bit.

Unlike the previous weekends attempts, I was in a much better frame of mind for shopping and so got myself some bargains before Dinner. I braved the horrors of Primark and managed to get myself some flip-flops, new ballet pumps, a polka dot skirt and some tights/pants/socks for a bargainous £22 quid and then I wandered towards the Bull Ring, where I went into Zavvi and took advantage of the 3 for £20 on DVD offer, got myself the BBC Pride and Prejudice version (which I have on video but a certain “wet shirt” scene has become rather worn out on the tape so I decided it needed to be replaced!) as well as Happy Feet (on Laura’s recommendation) and Shrek the Third (to complete my set). Cheesy, but bargainous all the same.

I then decided to be brave and go back into Selfridges (which had been wholly unsuccessful the previous weekend) to spend my birthday voucher from Lu given to me back in October! I wanted to get some D&G Light Blue to replace my now sadly empty bottle but when I went in before I couldn’t see it, there were lots of pushy sales people in there and I generally panicked and didn’t ask them if it was there. This time I calmly walked into the perfume section, had a look on all the shelves and soon spotted what I wanted. I decided to go for the 100ml bottle in the end as it was £45 and I had £20 off so got a lot of perfume for not a lot of money! Hurrah.

Then I met Stu at New Street and we went for a quick drink in Bacchus which I love as it’s underground and a real mismatch of styles but with really nice chairs and good wine! At 7pm we headed to the restaurant which is totally brilliant! I had an avocado and crab starter served in a scallop shell and then Lobster Thermador with sautéed spinach and garlicky potatoes which was divine! We finished off with coffee and limoncello (way too stuffed for pudding although they looked delicious). The wine was also gorgeous and the best part was that the bill was on Stu’s work! They told him he could treat us both to a nice meal as he had been working really hard for someone so as a belated birthday meal (seeing as I was revising on Thursday his actual birthday) we went there and it was FANTASTIC. Stu had the scallops and they were wonderfully tender and he’d had a italian sausage and polenta starter which also looked very tasty.

The rest of this weekend is completely free and so I’m looking forward to chilling out and sorting a few things out, doing some piano practice and going for a nice meal with Stu’s family at the Punchbowl in Lapworth. If it’s as good as the other two Lapworth pubs we’re in for a treat tomorrow.

So this weekend started off with a bit of a nightmare, but the rest of it has been lovely so far and I feel really happy!

April 10, 2008

New York Diary (days 2–5)

Well, I didn’t get to blog in the states, not really having had time to find an internet cafe and not wanting to pay for the hotel’s connection!

We finally left Birmingham at 8.30pm, giving us a total delay time of 11.5 hours (another half hour and we would have got money back from the insurance co – ah well!) which was pretty hideous – Birmingham not being a large airport meant we exhausted its entertainment delights by about 11am! They gave us lots of free food vouchers, and we were told we’d still get fed on the plane so we decided to spend our last £10 on sweets – you can get a lot for that even with inflated airport prices! Lots of other people were doing the same and were stocking up on Cadbury and Walkers products for their American friends!

Once we were airbourne and had eaten the meal (mmm, ready meal chicken and rice…not) we slept for a bit, luckily the plane was half empty by then as people with connecting flights had left earlier to go to Heathrow by bus, which at least meant we could spread out a bit and snooze. Eventually got to Newark at 5am our time, so had been awake 24hrs by then (owch) and checked through customs etc without a problem (although I was very out of it and when the guy asked me how I was and after I’d answered he asked if I had any food, to which I replied “yes I had chicken on the plane, it was OK” and then realised he actually meant did I have any food IN MY BAG…so I mumbled mini eggs and crisps and walked away rather embarassed!)

The next task was then getting to the hotel – we caught the air train and then a train to Penn Station – their trains are rather old fashioned compared to ours and a lot bigger. Then came our first yellow cab experience – not too scary, either that or I was just too tired to notice, and then we got to the hotel about 1.30am, checked in and collapsed into bed!

The hotel was nice – a bit dated, but comfortable, massive room with kitchen area and en-suite. It was technically an apartement and I’d recommend it if you’re on a bit of a budget but need somewhere clean, warm and large enough to spread out in. We stayed at the Eastgate Towers Hotel which was on W39th Street.

Day 2
After sleeping well, we decided to make the most of the day and started off by trying to find somewhere to have breakfast. We headed to the Financial district and had brunch in a deli – Stu’s first experience of American food was French toast which came with cream cheese and strawberries and maple syrup – an interesting combination! I just stuck with a chicken and tomato sandwich!
We headed over to ground Zero and looked at the building site it has now become. The wall with the names was quite moving, with a large engraving of the towers as they were hit. The vastness of the airspace that would have been filled with these towers was a chilling reminder of what happened that fateful day. I can only imagine how impressive they would have looked prior to September 11.
We then moved on to see the NYSE, Federal Hall and the Church on Wall Street. We also saw the Woolworth building and City Hall. Then we hopped on the Staten Island ferry for a trip past Ellis Island and Liberty to get some tourist shots for the album. We decided not to go to the islands themselves, we got a good view from the ferry. Staten Island itself didn’t impress us too much (what we briefly saw of it) so we headed back quite soon after arriving! After a quick coffee break we headed to the subway but got distracted by the Museam of Native Americans, so wandered around the displays there for a bit and admired the building itself, which was very decorative and impressive!
We decided it was time to get something to eat then, but by this point we’d walked to where the Empire State Building was and there was a severe lack of nice looking restaurants around so we decided to head to Union Square where our rough guide indicated there were lots of nice places to go and with a helpful recommendation from a nice lady in the street we ended up in Revolve(?) which was an awesome noodle bar, where we sat perched between two other parties on the same bench and enjoyed the most fabulous and simple meal with a cocktail and absorbed the atmosphere. As places go, this one had a special something about it and I’m very glad we listened to the recommendation!

Once we’d eaten we went straight to the Empire State Building for a night viewing. Wow. It was amazing! The Empire State doesn’t look massive in comparison with the other skyscrapers when you’re on the ground (although when you’re right underneath it you get more of a sense of its size) but it makes a huge difference when you’re on the 86th floor looking at the Manhatten skyline. It’s truly breathtaking! You can feel the building moving a bit though, which I guess is a good thing as it’s better for the building to flex with the wind rather than try and resist it but still, made us both a little seasick! We decided not to go all the way to floor 102 observatory as it cost more and I had been told the view wasn’t that much different so we stuck to the main viewing platform.

Day 3
Having had a busy day on Thursday we then decided to have an even busier one on Friday!
We woke up fairly early and had breakfast in the apartment (having been shopping after the Empire State adventure and got cornflakes) and headed uptown to Yankee Stadium, just inside the Bronx. We had a wander round it and bought some tickets for the game on Sunday. Then we headed back and decided we’d go to Carneigie Hall and see if we could get on a tour. We booked for 2pm and headed straight over to the Carneigie Deli (World Famous) for lunch. The place is AMAZING. Wall to wall pictures of stars who have eaten there with lovely messages to the management. I wanted to try a Knish which is a Jewish sort of Potato cake, so I went to order it but our waitress (who looked about 100 but was brilliantly blunt) advised me that the one I had ordered came to over 2lbs in weight and that most of that was meat so I quickly changed my order to a pastrami sandwich. When it arrived I just gasped – I swear there was a 1lb of pastrami between two rather small in comparison slices of bread! I managed one half of the sandwich and then had to give up. Stu’s sandwich was even bigger – we think he had a whole turkey carved up on his plate – you couldn’t even see the bread underneath it AND it came with chips! I seriously don’t know how anyone could possibly finish anything they served in there, except perhaps the soup!

After waddling back to Carneigie Hall for our tour we were pleasently surprised to hear that the orchestra was having a rehearsal in the main hall so we were allowed to go and watch for 10mins and we walked straight in to the Sound of Music overture! Hurrah! The hall is wonderful and the history behind it is very interesting.

After that we had a coffee and decided we’d go get some tickets for a Broadway show for the evening and then head across to the Museam of Modern Art (MoMA) for a look around as it’s free on Friday afternoons/evenings (useful to know as it’s normally $20 per person) which meant it was probably busier than normal, but still worth a look.
Unfortunately by this point my back was killing from all the standing and walking on concrete but luckily I could sit in the galleries and pretend I was admiring the art (even if I did spend 20 mins staring at what was essentially a large red canvas with a couple of stripes on – apparently this represented the sublime…it was nice, but I can’t honestly say I really got it!) so we didn’t stay all that long but we did see a couple of floors worth of art and the special exhibit.

We didn’t bother with dinner (still being too full of meat) so we headed to Broadway and went to the Accordian theatre to watch Chicago. The performance was great and our seats were pretty good view-wise, being head on to the stage, albeit quite high up, but for £25 it was pretty good!

Day 4
Today we decided on a change of pace and planned to go to Central Park to do a bit of exploring, have a carriage ride and chill out a bit from the concrete! Luckily the weather turned out to be gorgeously sunny so we could really enjoy the outdoors. Before we got to Central Park we booked ourselves a table at the Oyster Bar Restaurant in Grand Central Station (which, by the way is a wonderful station) for the evening as it had been recommended to us by my piano teacher as a must do! We also went to get travellers cheques cashed and enjoyed a stroll along 5th Avenue before heading into the park for some lunch in a little cafe by Sheep Meadow.

I had been looking forward to seeing the Horse and Carriage rides so was thrilled that we managed to find them and got ourselves a 15min ride. Our horse was called Billy and he was very nice and slobbered all over me so I smelt of horse the rest of the day (which was fine by me!). We also went on the indoor carousel, which is about 100 years old and was beautiful and lots of fun!
We had a wander through and went to see the Imagine memorial in Strawberry Fields (which wasn’t quite as tranquil a spot as the guide book had led us to believe and was full of tourists posing by it!) and we also randomly discovered a Scottish parade happening in one of the nearby streets so we went and caught the end of what must have been a massive march down the streets – it was quite exciting to see all those men in kilts…

The weather was so nice I managed to get sunburnt (while you lot all had snow) which I then had to disguise before we went out for our meal. The restaurant is lovely and the celiings are all curved archways with lovely lights around them. The food itself was really nice – I had scallops with shitake mushrooms and Stu also had scallops but his were deep fried. We ended up in a rather English corner of the restaurant, and got chatting to an older couple who had stopped over for a few days from their cruise which was quite fun. We were close enough to their table that they could have been part of our group!

Day 5
Today was Yankee game day so we headed off to the stadium on a very crowded subway train and got to the stadium with enough time to buy merchandise – I have a rather fetching pink yankee baseball cap and Stu now owns his first ever hoodie. We eventually worked out which gate we were meant to be at, grabbed a giant pretzel for lunch and headed into the stands. Our seats were pretty good, on the middle tear to the left of the batting stand so we had a good view of the field. The Yankees won and I really enjoyed the atmosphere created by the fans who were great – no rowdiness but lots of encouragement to the players and some good chanting.
After the game we went back to the hotel to warm up (forgot gloves – schoolboy error!) and decided that we would go to Lorenzo’s for our last meal as we’d yet to try any pizza and the restaurant is another of the World famous ones in Little Italy. We had to wait a while at the bar for a seat but it was worth it – we shared a pizza and it was huge! Very very tasty too. Once we’d eaten we decided to go for a drink and found a nice bar a few blocks away from the restaurant where we had a couple of cocktails before deciding to head home as we had an early start the next day.

Day 6
We got up early to pack and dump our bags in the luggage store in the Hotel as we checked out and headed to the shops for some last minute retail therapy (not that shopping in a big city can ever really be called therapy, more like stress-inducing madness!)
We headed to Macy’s and got our discount card from the visitor centre and a map so we didn’t get lost in there(!) then headed to the various sections to pick up some new jeans and a t-shirt for Stu and some Jelly Bellies for general consumption. I nearly bought an i-pod in there but when we worked it out, actually it was only going to be about £20 cheaper than buying it from Amazon so I decided it wasn’t really worth it and if it went wrong it would be more of a hassle returning etc.
After Macy’s we headed to Modells to try and get my brother a Patriots football shirt but they were (unsurprisingly) all sold out so no joy there. We briefly looked into Bloomingdales and then after a quick coffee headed over to Tiffany & Co via the random Apple store (which is cool but expensive) for a bracelet that Stu’s sister wanted us to get for her. We were rapidly running out of time so we literally went in, got what we wanted and left, but it was an impressive sight. We then headed back to the hotel and got a taxi to Penn to catch the train back to the airport.

Luckily the flight was on time this time (although we had to wait in a queue of about 20 planes on the runway) and we got back on time, caught the train and taxi back home and collapsed in bed for the rest of the day!

All in all we had a great time (apologies to Stu for some of the strops I had – I will admit that a couple of them were particularly special, and I am probably a complete and utter nightmare of a travelling companion, but he’s still speaking to me so that’s a good sign, right?

Epic blog. Done.

April 02, 2008

New York Diary (day 1)

So. hmm. Having got up at 5am, caught a 6am train to BHX it is now 3.25pm and I’m still here. The flight was due to leave at 9am but there’s been a mechanical problem – an oil leak – and they’re still fixing it! So we’re expected to set off approx 6pm, which means arriving in NYC not at lunchtime as we expected, but much more like bedtime! Not the best start to the holiday.

This is the most expensive blog I’ve ever written. £1 for 10 mins! Darned airports. At least they gave us lunch vouchers though – £40 between us which got us some starbucks goodies and a nice meal in Frankie and Benny’s (although Stu said he’d have rather had his first holiday pizza in a nice little Deli in Little Italy than in Terminal 1!)

Apparently we have to go collect some more free stuff now (in addition to our £5 phone cards) and my 10mins are nearly up so I shall sign out…wish me luck!

Hopefully the next blog will be from the Big Apple!!

March 27, 2008

Sheer boredom!

1. Do you still talk to the person you fell the hardest for?
Yes – I live with him!

2. Have you ever seen your best friend naked?
One of them, yes, all bar a small thong!

3. Are you obsessed with someone?
David Tennant. mmmm.

6. Name something that you would love to eat right now?
Alka Seltzer. I have an upset stomach :-(

7. Did you get any compliments today?
Yes by email but I’m not sharing that one on here :-D

8. Who were the last two people to call you?
Stu and Alicia

9. If you could pick the temperature of the outdoors for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Somewhere in the low 20s…the sort of weather that you can wander around in short sleeves but without feeling sweaty and ming.

10. Do you steal people’s boyfriends or girlfriends?
Never have, hope never to!

11. Are you happy?
No, not really. It could be much worse though.

12. Who was the last person you texted?
Lucy G to tell her I was feeling poorly.

14. Are you moody?
HELL YES. (just ask Stu)

16. What is the biggest lie you have ever told?
I don’t know what the biggest one has been but it was more than likely told to my mum to try and cover something up!

17. Have you ever smoked on campus?
Yeah, tried it once in Christa’s room in 1st year but hated it!

18. Have you ever liked someone and never told them?
Most definitely Yes.

19. Have you ever gone camping?
Yes. And it always rains.

20. Are you single?
Nope :-)

21. Have you ever gone to a nude beach?
Not intentionally…

22. Have you ever had a stalker?
Yup, but only two so far.

23. Who was the last person to make you mad?
I can’t say in case they read it, but basically someone who I asked for something back from and they still haven’t given it to me despite the fact that they shouldn’t have had it in the first place and if I don’t get it back I could get into trouble so I’m pretty mad at them right now!

24. Thirsty?
Yes, actually now you mention it I do fancy a cup of tea…

25. What are you listening to?
Absolutely naff all. And I’m enjoying the silence!

26. What do you do before bed?
Take out lenses, remove make-up, clean teeth, put on PJs, read a chapter of whatever book is at hand, chat to Stu…or pass out depending how the mood takes me!

27. Have you ever lied to your parents?

28. Have you ever worn your best friend’s clothes?
Various clothes at various times – Baz’s hoodie is a personal favourite as it’s big and cuddly!

29. Have you ever thrown up from working out?
Ha! That would imply I exercise…

31. Where are your siblings right now?
I guess he’s either out on a lifeboat training or playing FIFA 08 on the Playstation 2…

32. Last person you kissed other than family?

33. Name four things you did today:
Went to work, did some college work, went to Sainsbury’s, cooked tea.

34. Last person who you called?

35. Future kids names?
Quite like Jamie for a boy, Elizabeth for a girl? Not really thought about it!

36. What are you doing tomorrow?

37. Are you on a laptop or a desktop?
Stu’s shiny new desktop :-)

38. What is your mood?
Annoyed. Bored with college work and feeling cold and ill.

39. Is anyone jealous of you?
Hope so! Although God only knows why they would be!

40. When is the last time you got flowers?
Not that long ago – in fact they are still alive so that’s quite recent really!

41. Where were you 2 hours ago?
In exactly the same place I am now. I have not moved.

43. What does your hair look like right now?
Slightly mad! Is in need of a wash, but it actually did a cool curly/surfer thing so I didn’t straighten it but put it in a cool high ponytail instead.

44. Has anyone ever used you?
Have and still do :-(

45. Has anyone ever told you that they like you more than as a friend?

46. What have you eaten today?
Noodles, Chicken Ciabatta, some nachos and a yogurt.

47. Is your hair naturally curly, or straight?

48. Who were you last in a car with?

49. What are you looking forward to?
New York baby!!

50. What do you think about being cheated on?
I don’t think I’d like it. As far as I am aware it hasn’t ever happened to me.

51. Any of your friends getting married?
Yes, Sarah got married a couple of weeks ago, some friends have been married a while now and I have another wedding to go to in Sept, and another next summer! It’s all very exciting!

52. Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
Probably not!

March 26, 2008

So good they named it twice

I’m off to New York next week! How exciting!!

So what shall I do/see?

Am thinking:
  • Ellis Island/Statute of Liberty
  • Central Park
  • Show on Broadway
  • Bloomingdales/Macy’s
  • Chinatown
  • Empire State Building
  • Ground Zero

for starters!
I’ve got my rough guide and am looking forward to planning with Stu what we both want to see and experience while we’re there. He’s never been to the States and I’ve never been to NY so we’ve no idea what to expect when we get there. Any seasoned travel tips welcome!*

”...I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps
To find I’m king of the hill, top of the heap…”

*cheap ideas especially welcome.

March 22, 2008

Damn you mini eggs!

Why are mini eggs so moreish? I’ve eaten one of those little tubes and now I feel sick. Serve me right, they were for my mum. But it’s OK, I have more stashed away and she’s getting a new necklace anyway.

I’ve just made 2 chillis, one veggie, one meaty. The meaty one is now in the bin as it tasted weird (I think the pork was no good) and the veggie one is just weird. I’ve never cooked with Quorn before but it says you just chuck it in and add liquid. However now that it’s sat in my best Lock & Lock container, it looks less that appetising and rather liquidy. I’m not totally sure why. Also you have to chuck SO much flavour at it to even make it taste of, well, anything let alone Chilli.

So in conclusion, my mornings cooking has been rather disastrous. I think I’ll placate the family with Creme eggs instead, because as we all now know, creme eggs are the best invention ever (except for trouser presses) and so they will automatically forget how crap my chilli is once they are slurping the gooey goodness of said seasonal confectionery treat.

I now have to drive home with said chiili/creme egg bribery in a chuffing hail/snow storm. Great. Nothing like a nice bit of spring weather…

March 20, 2008


Ack. Stu is being all soppy and listening to Eric Clapton. More to the point we are currently warbling along to “Wonderful Tonight” and he’s sort of serenading me, which is amusing as I look anything but wonderful sitting here with crazy-just-out-the-shower-where-the-hell-is-my-hairbrush hair in a large Winnie-the-Pooh dressing gown.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that.

Sooo, it’s Easter weekend which means four days off work (hurrah!) and a few days spent with friends and family around the country. We’re going on a random road trip tomorrow which I’m really looking forward to. You know the ones where you just all decide to do something, make a couple of plans and then just see what happens? It’s very exciting! Then I shall be making a chilli to take home for our uber family feast on Sunday, probably go to Dawn service in the morning (it’s so beautiful) and hopefully catch up with some old school mates. Should be a good few days :-)

Oooh I’ve just noticed the “Record an audio or video file” button in the formatting section. How long has that been there?Very sneaky feature, which I’m sure if I ever read blogbuilder news I’d have known about. I’ve missed blogs, it’s just been so busy I don’t write as often as I should and by the time I come to write something I’ve always forgotten what it was that was even vaguely interesting to have thought of in the first place. It’s my age.

Happy Easter everyone! Here’s to Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, the best invention ever.*

*apart from things like electricity, houses, corkscrews, trouser presses etc.

March 04, 2008

I am worse than bad…

Follow-up to I am bad. from Juicy's Blog

...I am positively going straight to hell. Well, maybe not, I am Anglican after all…

So I’ve now added curry and chocolate to the list of things I shouldn’t have eaten but have. What can I say? I’ve been under a lot of stress recently. I’m only human. I’ll try harder this week.

I wonder if as an alternative to an easter egg I can persuade my mum to buy me some Bach. hmm. Not that easter is all about eggs or random presents, but I think some Bach would be very nice. And I definitely don’t need the chocolate.

More bloggage soon! Currently dealing with A Level students auditioning for music scholorships. Bless.

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