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December 31, 2007

'Twas the season to be jolly (busy, that is)

Well, New Years Eve is upon us and I’m back in the land of Cov finding homes for presents, washing clothes and working out whether to take champagne or Cava to the party tonight (I actually prefer the taste of Cava, and at half price we’ve managed to get a lot more than we’ve got in Moet…).

It’s all gone by so quickly. I thought I’d be able to do a lot more in the week I was at home back in Sunny Gloucestershire, but it appears I did very little indeed! I wanted to see quite a few people that I just didn’t manage to see, although I had a very nice evening in the pub on Christmas Eve and saw a whole load of people from School which was great. Christmas day and Boxing day flew by, with lots of visitors including my cousin and her little boy James (who is lush, and who gave me an excuse to play with my old bucket of lego again) and then Stu came down, spent a couple of days with us and we carried on the visiting tradition by spending the next two days with his parents. Got back yesterday and actually felt a rare excitement to be back, for the space and peace and quiet as much as anything! It’s good to be back in my own house under no-one else’s schedule but my own.

It’s been a good Christmas, a bit weird, but that was to be expected really, given the circumstances. The things I will remember most are probably:

1. The Sprout Burn – I cooked our Coventry Christmas dinner on Sat and managed to burn my thumb on sprout steam. This then blistered, the blister popped on Monday when I was in church so I asked Ann to pass me a tissue from the box on the pew, which then proceeded to sting me – I discovered a queen wasp wrapped up inside it! Cue squealing in Church – never good. Damned thing still stings.

2. Al’s random baby conversation – the least said about that the better.

3. Singing Alanis Morisette loudly with Stu’s dad at 12am.

4. The whistle game where no-one obeyed my baton

5. Midnight Mass with “Geoffrey” the comedy vicar and the communion wine that tasted like mushrooms and silver polish.

6. The journey home from Midnight Mass where it rained so hard I couldn’t see where I was going, in lanes that I’d never driven before and accompanied by my parents and Auntie who all obviously wanted to tell me how to drive as often as possible, because that really helps…

7. Finding out the next day that we went to the WRONG midnight mass and that in fact the reason we were the only 4 from our village who were at that particular church was because it was in an entirely different village…

And so to New Year – resolutions to follow shortly…

December 21, 2007

If I only read things properly…

...then I wouldn’t have loaded up the drum kit, lugged it to the Butterworth Hall only to realise that they want it on the 2nd Jan and not the 21st Dec. D’oh!

Ah well, it’s all exercise.

Last day at work today – woooo!

December 20, 2007


I am officially addicted to facebook scrabble. The only problem with that (other than the obvious procrasination it entails) is that I keep losing and thus my rating is rather rubbish. It’s not that I don’t get good scores, I just get them on the games where people get better ones than me. Some games you can score over 300 and still lose badly whereas other games if you get 250 you can be the winner. I just wish the two would correlate sometimes…

Anyway, back to the work!

December 18, 2007

panic setting in…

So…1 week to go and who have I yet to get presents for…hmmm let me see

Mum – Although in fairness some of this should arrive in the post tomorrow

Dad – I’m sure he will like cheese.

Grandparents – inspiration anyone?

Brother’s Girlfriend – ummm…

Boyfriends parents – I know where I’m getting stuff from, I just need to get it

Then there’s the generic wine/chocolate presents.

Why has it suddenly become stressful? Why can it not be snowy and calm?

December 14, 2007

Darned colds.

They can incubate and stay dormant for weeks, so why is it, that when I need to be healthy and not snuffly I develop a cold. Suckidge. It’s not right to be trying to do assessments while wrapped up in a blanket with a throat so raw it could be steak tartare. AND it’s carol season. I ALWAYS end up with a sore throat at the peak of carol season. Grr.

Oh, and why is it the minute we get a cold spell my skin starts falling apart? I mean really, my forehead looks like filo pastry and my cuticles are sore as anything!


December 12, 2007

Cheesy fm

It’s a truth universally known that Classic fm is the station of choice for popular classics and general feel good music. This is why I love it. Yes, I confess to this sin. Even though it’s completely predictable and you just know the New World Symphony will be played about 3 times a day it’s still great.

Particularly at the moment. Point in question: Christmas Music. While Radio 3 probably shuns such things until the eve before Christmas, Classic fm is well and truly into it. Which means I am feeling very festive and this is a good thing. I’d been struggling to get into the spirit of things before now, partly because I’d not really been able to do any shopping, or get to a church during advent, but mostly because I wasn’t ready to enjoy myself when there were close family around me who were unhappy. But it’s getting a bit better now and so I’ve let the carols in and the festive season begin!

So thank you Classic fm. You are a faithful friend.

December 09, 2007

HP 7

I’ve finally got round to reading the last Harry Potter book and now I am all happy because I no longer have to put my fingers in my ears every time it is discussed. I liked it a lot. Wasn’t sure the final part was strictly necessary as I think it was rather obvious that it would end like that, but other than that I really enjoyed reading it!

I’ve just ordered a load of Christmas presents so am feeling good about this – got some good prices online and it’s taken the pressure off a bit, I’d done very little towards getting things as I’d just not been in the mood for it, but I’ve got the best part of a week off this coming week so I’m all up for getting it all sorted and ready.

I’m so tired at the moment, it’s been an epic term at work, rounded off with an awesome Christmas concert which was amazingly well attended, with special guest star Santa, a snow machine and a working chimney! Very pleased with it, but it was a lot of work getting there! I’m taking the week off to recover and to catch up with college work that I just simply didn’t have time to do over the last couple of weeks.

Things to look forward to: Brass Soc reunion, Christmas day in Cov, Christmas day at home, seeing friends, nice food and wine, pretty decorations, having a tree, carols, dressing up. All good stuff. It’s not going to be the most enjoyable of Christmases this year as we will all be feeling the loss of my Uncle, I miss him so much, but being at home will help I hope. I’m going to make the most of the time with my family.

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