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October 29, 2007

Far too long.

Nearly a month since my last entry…oops! I’ve written a few, actually, but none of them I have felt able or willing to publish, hence the void that currently resides on this here blog.
I’ve got about 5 mins left of lunch before the hoards decend again, so this will be a quick recap of October…

So since I last blogged I’ve been busy with various things – although exactly what I’m not quite sure! One of the highlights was going to a spa the other week (a treat from Craigy) where I had a facial, back massage and file & polish, as well as being able to relax and also use the gym facilities, and be given a lovely 2 course meal. Very enjoyable, and something I’d like to do again, perhaps not on my own this time, and maybe get some different treatments – manicure, pedicure etc.
I also went for a lovely meal in Wildes, Leamington for Sarah’s birthday. We had a fab 3 course dinner in a lovely restaurant.
Last week we went bowling, which was a good laugh (and I got a couple of respectable scores) and then this weekend we went to Liverpool on a Mystery Beer adventure, where we trawled the pubs of Liverpool and then spent a hungover morning on the Ferry across the Mersy (poor Teebs looked very green).

Although I’ve done a lot of enjoyable things, I’m not feeling that great at the moment, for various reasons. I’m really mentally worn out, for a start. My job is so much more time consuming and relentless than the last one, and I’m finding that hard to juggle along with the upping of the pace of college work. I’m finding it hard to keep everything balanced and still look after myself. I really need a holiday but it’s virtually impossible to even take a day off around here for fear something will go wrong.

Sometimes I feel very very old.

Anyway, will blog properly soon, about things people actually want to read about (maybe).

October 10, 2007

I am such a wimp.

Just had a knock at the door from a man from Scope. He looked genuine and did the correct thing of standing back from the door when I opened it, so as to be non-threatening, not pushy etc, but I just panicked. The last time someone from a charity came to our house he was totally the opposite and left making me feel very vulnerable, like a really bad person for not agreeing to give him my bank details on the doorstep…I was on my own and I just wanted him to go away.
Tonight Stu was in and luckily he realised that I was not with a friend so he popped his head round the door and he said no thanks to the man, who very nicely went away with a “fair enough mate” attitude, as I’m sure he’s trained to do. I don’t know why I couldn’t just say “no thanks” to him. I feel bad when I ignore charity things, but the fact is I’m not happy with people coming to my door and asking for money…it’s not that I won’t help, it’s just that I’d like to choose when I do so. And it’s not just that, I might not necessarily want to make Scope my charity of choice. As worthy a cause as they are, they may not be my number one priority for giving.

I’m not someone who doesn’t ever give…I’m also not the best at it, but I’m sure we’re all a bit like that sometimes. It would be lovely to give money to everyone, but when you’re not on an executive’s wage that’s a tall ask! By being helpful to people I meet, trying to make ethical and wise food and shopping choices and sponsoring friends I make small, but not insignificant donations. I know what they are after is a regular donation, but that’s something I don’t really feel I can do right now. I used to donate on a regular basis, but it never really sat easy with me and I didn’t really know where my money was going. I hoped it was going to a good cause, but I was never given any more info once my details had been given. I don’t think it went to anywhere it shouldn’t have, but I never felt that reassurance.

Some of my friends work for some excellent charities and I’m sure they will probably have something to say about this post in defence of charities. I am in no way slating any charities here, what I’m saying is that sometimes the methods can be intimidating to people who find it hard to say no, and sometimes I think this is used to the charity’s advantage, and even if they don’t realise it, they are actually putting people under a lot of pressure to sign up to something they don’t actually want to commit to, because they are too nice/scared/wimpy to say no (delete as appropriate…I think I fall into more than one of those categories!).

Hopefully I’m not the only person who can relate to this feeling.

October 09, 2007

First Lesson

Today, at the unholy hour of 8.15am I had my first piano lesson in 7 years. And it wasn’t too bad! I even managed not to totally embarass myself on the scale front. OK, so they weren’t marvellous, but in fairness I’ve not actually bothered with them in years…and they weren’t as bad as I remember them being so maybe I’ll be alright with them after all.

So for my Grade 8 I’ve decided to work on the Bach (A:1) Prelude and Fugue in A Flat, BWV 862, the Clementi (B:1) Allegro con spirito (1st Movt from Sonata in G minor, OP. 7 No.3) and then something (as yet undecided) from list C. The next fortnight I’m to work on all my major scales, 4 octaves, and the Clementi. Should be fine, at least I have a piano at home and I can hardley say I don’t have the opportunity to practice when I have access to over 10 pianos at work…

It’s not the only first lesson I’m going to have either. I am planning on taking up riding lessons again seeing as Stu bought me them for my birthday – am very excited! It will be good to get back into it all again.

Anyway, got a Free Concert tonight so lots to do today (including learning how the recording equipment works)...think I need a coffee.

October 07, 2007

Fab night out

I have to say, Jumpin’ Jacks surprised me. A lot. To be honest, by the end of the meal I was a little dubious about whether going clubbing was a good idea…luckily it turned out to be a night worthy of Top Banana (back in the good old days – remember “If you can’t sing it we won’t play it”? It was like that. Awesome.)
Hopefully everyone had a nice time (there are some frankly terrible photos on facebook right now that would indicate this was indeed the case) and no-one seemed to have too much of a hangover this morning which was a definite result! All in all it was a fab weekend and I was really pleased to see everyone, especially the ones who came from a long way away! It was a most excellent way to celebrate being 25.

October 05, 2007

A crazy, but nice day!

Follow-up to Nearly officially old…ish. from Juicy's Blog

Yesterday was great…well, apart from the whole having to work thing, which was rather tiring!

The day started well (at midnight actually, when I opened my present from Stu) I was bought some riding lessons so that I can get back in the saddle – yay! Very excited about those. I then opened some presents from family that M&D had bought up at the weekend and am now the proud owner of 4 new books, lots of lovely book tokens (spot a theme?), some nice smelly stuff, 3 new tops and some jewellry.
I then walked to work and was serenaded by a man in a hole in the ground opposite Canley Fire Station (which was nice, if a little odd), before heading to tesco for cake for the office.
Spent most of the day being wished many happy returns and Rich even bought me some Moet! Tres nice.
After (finally) finishing work Stu picked me up and we headed to Raffles in Kenilworth for a lovely Malaysian style meal (and Singapore slings of course) and then we came back to the Arts Centre to watch the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orch of Moscow Radio perform Petrouchka, Scherezade…and their random encore of Land of Hope and Glory! Most amusing! They had a brilliant tambourine player who really looked like he was enjoying the first encore!
We bumped into the chorus lot on the way out so stayed for a drink with them…and to my acute embarrassment Paul made them all sing to me so I had an 8 part harmony chorus of Happy Birthday at 11pm…! Sometimes having a conductor for a boss can land you in all kinds of situations!

Anyway, we eventually got home and this morning I feel rough. I think it’s a combination of a little too much wine and a lot of fresher germs. I just hope I don’t get anything too bad – being ill this week will definately not be good.

Tonight Wind Orch starts again and I’m really looking forward to it – haven’t played the beast in a couple of months so I’ll be rusty as hell and will probably lose my lip after the first 30 mins, but I don’t care. It’s all good. We’re going to see if we can get a record number of Bass Clarinettists this year – potentially there are already 4…we’ll see if we can make it 5! Beef.

At some point I might actually get some rest…

October 03, 2007

Nearly officially old…ish.

Tomorrow I will be 25. This is relatively old. While the idea of presents, a nice meal out and tickets to the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio are most excellent things, it’s a little scary to be exactly half way to 50…

Anyway, I’ve not blogged in a while. This is mainly due to being rather busy at work and coming home and being rather busy/tired/tidying when I get back. We’ve had some new and some 2nd hand furniture this week which has made the downstairs look a lot better and made me a lot happier! The trip to ikea was rather squashed (getting a chair, footstool, long CD tower, cabinet, uplighter and various boxes into a coupe was a challenging and uncomfortable experience!!) but it was good fun. I’d definitely recommend getting there an hour before it closes – not only are there very few people there, you are forced to only get what you went for and don’t faff around. I actually enjoyed the experience!

But enough of the Sweedish gurus of furniture…I am in danger of acting my age with all this excitement over furniture.

Oldness. Boo.

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