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July 20, 2005


Brief update…

Have pretty much moved into my new house now -it's really nice!! I'm gradually making it home (my shoes are in various rooms, nicely spread about lol!) and tonight we are going to try and actually stay there, although tbh the way I'm feeling I'm not sure I can be arsed to move any more stuff over – I have a smelly cold and feel really tired! Plus the thought of actually having to pack all my clothes sends shivers of fear and dread all down my spine…

Going home tomorrow to play host to a load of americans from Alabama. Should be fun, although I would rather go home to work given I really need some money. Still, it will be nice to see them all.

Lu came to visit yesterday and monday, which was cool. We all went for curry and then last night went for a cheeky one in Varsity. The 'cheeky one' turned into a pitcher and a half of woo-woo, which may go someway towards explaining why I feel so shitty today!! All good fun.

Anyway, I need to pack pants etc (I've already transported a suitcase full of shoes, I can't believe I have so many!!) so much to do, so little energy! Will be better after Stu's Chillie. mmmmm…hot pork!

July 15, 2005


will someone please give me a job? I don't care what it is (although porn industries can forget it, I'm not that type of girl) because I'm so so bored! I've been job hunting lots and filling in numerous application forms, but in the meantime, while I wait in hopeful anticipation for their replies, I have no occupation to keep my brain/hands busy! I'm not used to being a 'bum' and I don't like it one bit! I especially don't like the not earning any money bit. It's ok when you're studying and you know that you aren't earning because you have chosen to study, but now that I'm an unemployed Graduate I feel I've lost my sense of worth and meaning in the world and that all I'm good for is keeping the house clean and tidy and ironing Stu's shirts (not that I mind, I quite like ironing). It's all a bit depressing really! One good thing is that I've been able to upload my tour photos for your amusement and I've also finally cleaned the downstairs bathroom which was all hairy and anty. Speaking of Ants…why can they not just die?? I've come down every morning to find the little buggers crawling in from yet another place and trying to get into the sugar/ketchup/Chris' leftover pizza. It's a nightmare! I'm hoping my new house won't have this problem. It's very exciting; I'm signing the contract tomorrow and then we get the key (which is useful as I've not actually seen the property from the inside yet!). Suddenly the house of Hogg will feel very empty – Teebs left today, Emma's allready gone, Chris is off this weekend and only Julia and Hywel will remain until Andy, Rebecca and Teebs arrive in Sept.

Things I've done today while being bored:
Cleaned the Bathrooms
Hoovered the kitchen, lounge and my bedroom
Washed up
Walked into town – bought flip flops and a diary
made Bombay Potatoes (which was a bit minging and has made my tummy feel a bit odd)
Plucked my eyebrows and made myself sneeze
Read some of Lynne Truss' "Eats, Shoots and Leaves"
Uploaded tour pictures to my blog
Spoken to Alicia and Racquel on MSN
Watched Neighbours

Hmm, that's quite a lot really. Still bored though. Dammit I need gainful employment!

July 13, 2005

The entry due at Juicy's blog has finally arrived. Apologies for the delay…

Wow it's been an age since I last wrote on here. I've thought about doing it but then just didn't get round to it.

So…brief update then –

Term ended and we went on tour. Brass and Wind went to Germany and Belgium for 8 fun filled days of drinking, drinking and a bit of playing (when we weren't huddling in bus shelters from the rain that is). The usual tour frolics went on – lots of new 'ah bless' couples, the obligatory singing of 'warwick w**king men (and women) are we' on the top deck of the bus, copious beer consumption and Olympic games (?) all featured heavily throughout the week. I only had to be put to bed once, which I consider quite an achievement seeing as we were staying in the heart of Germany's Rhineland and there was a heck of a lot of very nice, quite reasonably priced wine to be bought. Apologies especially to Ben on that particular evening for scaring him by leaning over the stairs and flashing my boobs at him (although he said he didn't mind too much) and also to Lu for a)having to put me to bed and b)having to sit with me while I got all emotional and burst into tears on her (I do that a lot when I'm drunk).
I should probably go through each day and say what we got up to, but I think I would forget things that way and I am of the opinion that the best way to describe tour is to do as Chelsea did and do an A-Z of Tour 2005. Hopefully mine will end up looking a bit different to hers…

A is for Alcohol. Nuff Said.
B is for Barry. Ask Alicia/Racquel. He is a plastic Squirrel but do not be fooled by his toy-like appearance. He's a real squirrel, he just had an unfortunate accident which turned his fur to plastic.
C is for Cheese. I bought a large Brie at Calais which is some of the nicest cheese I have eaten in a long time and it was very cheap.
D is for Dave Sait. Dave had his last Wind/Brass tour (he's finally leaving after 70,000,000,000 years at Warwick and his Olympic games were a memorable exit, as was his hair.
E is for EEEEEEK! Which is the noise I make when anyone pokes me and also EWWW! Which was my reaction to putting my hand in a tin of Rice Pudding. Ming.
F is for Farts. Not nice on confined spaces in Coaches
G is for Great. That's how I'd describe tour.
H is for Haribo. How much did we all get through? Especially Craig's Birthday bag – that was huuuuge!
I is for Immature. The wonderful thing about tour is that you are one huge group of young (or not so young) people who can do all the things you did as a teenager without feeling like you should be acting your age – but without being told off for going to the pub!
J is for Jazz…or rather ukulele, which was what was actually being played in the Jazz club. Why???
K is for Keith. I can't believe one of my Ex-boyfriends was on the coach infront of us at Dover!
L is for Luggage. How did we ever get it all back on the coach?
M is for Monkey! I love monkey, he rules.
N is for Neo-Marxism, which I read about in the Karl Marx museam. Bit heavy going for many of us, and most opted to sit and drink Beer instead. Probably a wise choice.
O is for Olly. The Man is a legend!
P is for Passports. Lesley and Louise know what I'm talking about…
Q is for Queue. On our last night we had to do a lot of this in order to pay our bill. While we were waiting, Tom H managed to steal liquor from the shelf around the bar. In fact, we did quite well out of that restaurant…
R is for Racquel. The most hardcore female on tour definatly deserves a mention here. I think she had about 7 hours sleep the whole tour.
S is for Star Wars Cut out Figures. Congratulations to Tom for stealing off with Darth Vader from the Burger King at Dover – the first (and most impressive) stealage of tour
T is for Tom(s). Tom and Tom kept me entertained all week with their continued state of drunkeness.
U is for Unterhose. The German word for pants…why? Because I like the word pants.
V is for vagrant (I would say tramp but I already used T). Our last concert was in a bit of a dodgey area of Brussels and there was this scary Rastafarian who thought we were American and started hurling abuse and scaring the girls. Weird…
W is for Wurst. Currywurst and 1/2 metre wurst especially.
X is for X rated, which is what I suspect the tour DVD may be classified as.
Y is for Your Mum. Yes Olly, that's YOUR mum.
Z is for ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ which is what we all lacked during the week and made up for when we got home.

OK so that was tour. well, most of it.
Other stuff…
We have a house!! Signing contracts on Saturday -yay! I'll still be in Earlsdon so look out for the housewarming invitation.
Also- I graduated on Monday so am officially a Graduand! The robes are suprisingly comfortable, although the heat was pretty awful and I ended up with the wrong mortarboard after the photos which was all sweaty and big. Graduation ceremonies are weird, but cool…something you only really do once (unless you're clever and do phds etc) where you're made to feel special and where your parents spend the day making you pose for photos and say 'we're so proud of you' until you just want to die. Seriously though, it was a happy occasion, even though it's sad to say goodbye to many people, but to be honest, I didn't really say goodbye because I have every intention of keeping in touch with all my friends.

Anyway, this is a huge blog and I have an application for to fill in (joy) so I'm going to bugger off now. Hope everyone is having a good holiday and having better luck finding jobs than I am!

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