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June 12, 2008

Nearly there…

I've just had a couple of weeks of exams - my last ones in fact, which signal the end of the 2 year LPC course I so ambitiously started out on back in September '06. It seems (and was) an absolute age ago. So many thoughts and hopes, so little knowledge of what was really in store for me!

I've not had an easy time of it, it's not been my most successful thing, and I'm by no means through it yet - got to wait until July 29th for results to find out if I've actually passed the last lot of exams. 5 more results and I'll know.

The last term has been really hard to be motivated in, which I guess reflected itself in how I felt I did in the exams. I really hope I did enough to pass but I just have this sinking gut feeling that perhaps I'll be unlucky this time round. I'm writing my last assignment at the moment, a licence for a venue...sounds easy enough but these things are right little buggers to do! I'd much rather write a letter of advice or do some research!! I'm annoyed with College because they won't let me email or fax it in, it either has to be posted or handed in personaly, which given that they're not open at weekends and I don't work in Birmingham is a bit of a pain in the arse really. Do I risk the post, get it done by recorded delivery and then try and call them on Monday to see if they've received it or do I have to take yet another half day off work to make sure it's handed in on time? I suppose if it's recorded they HAVE to deliver it by a certain time so I can probably rely on that.

I've got a lot out of college, they teach the course very well, although it's difficult to fit in the level of study expected when you've got a full time job as well as a house to look after! I've met some great people and gained confidence in myself, although I've had a fair few knocks and disappointments with some results on the way. I was ready to give it all up at the end of the first year but luckily did well in the resits and decided to carry on. I'm not normally a quitter! Also it was way too expensive to drop out!

So what next? No idea. My head tells me to start applying for training contracts but my heart isn't following my head at the moment. For a start I don't honestly think anyone will want to take me on, and I don't know if I want the disappointment of rejection letters at the moment! And yet I should do something legal... but I like my job at the moment! Perhaps I'll see what comes up. No harm in looking around, keeping the options open.

It will be nice to have my weekends back. I've already started planning my next big projects to fill them! I can't just sit still and relax... going to do the Grade VIII exam for definite - playing is coming on well at the moment (it's all the scales, they are finally paying off) and would quite like to learn one or more of the following: Double Bass, Saxaphone, Piano Accordian. Want to finish off my uber crossstich that I've not picked up in a year and I have a list of books as long as my arm to get through. I also want to make the most of the summer and visit lots of interesting places in Warwickshire and the general surrounding areas. That will definitely keep me going!

Back to the drafting...

June 05, 2008

Tea really does solve everything…


I know it sounds really silly to say, but no matter how upset, hurt, stressed, tired, emotionally drained or angry I feel a cup of tea ALWAYS makes me feel better. Something about that hot brown liquid that just instantly makes me happy (and no, it's not the caffiene, I quite often drink red bush and that's naturally free of it)

I'm thinking of a million and one things that potentially create the above effects on me (especially stress at the moment) but I also have a gigantic mug of yummy tea on my desk with the sun shining through on it and somehow calm has been restored.


June 02, 2008


Follow-up to Sour Cream Wars – Part 2 of the Kitchen Window Saga from Juicy's Blog

The above entry, among others, has chronicled my despair and hatred of living next door to really horrible chav neighbours. They have committed various anti-social and other crimes, the following being a small example:

  • Thrown various dairy-based products at our kitchen window
  • Climbed on our bay window in the middle of the night as an escape route from their upstairs bedroom window
  • broken the wing mirror off Stu's car
  • Egged Stu's car
  • Repeatedly held loud fights at 12-4am both at weekends and during the week
  • Raced their Chavmobiles up and down the street, normally early in the morning and making full use of the horn while simultaniously revving their puny little 1ltr engines nearly to the point of death (if only)
  • Pissed around in the street and been very close to hitting my car with a large sports bag (they got screamed at for that)
  • Nearly been caught with drugs by the police (well they would have been if the police had actually bothered to check their cars where we saw them run and hide them before they arrived)
  • Completely and utterly destroyed the interior of a formally nice victorian terraced house (went in there last night and couldn't actually beleive it's possible for a house to be in that kind of state)

But, (drum roll if you please) at 11.55pm on the 31st May we had our last ever sighting of them as they blasted their horns and sped off down the street with the final remains of their belongings - they have been evicted!! WOOO! Well, I say evicted, they had actually signed an agreement saying they would be out by that date to make things quicker. For once they actually did what they were told.

The mess they have left behind though is terrible. The landlord thinks it will cost anything between 7-10K to get it back to a rentable state that anyone would actually consider good enough to live in. Everything is filthy, many of the original features of the house have been destroyed and then the garden...well, that's pretty much as bad as you get.

It's taken nearly 3 years to get rid of them but they've finally gone. They had so many chances to change and they never did. You can't say that we didn't try but they repeatedly refused to behave themselves and so now they have a whole load of orders slapped on them and noone in their right mind would offer them a house again. I think it's been a sobering lesson for the letting agents and the landlord!

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