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May 31, 2005

Celebrations (nearly!)

I've got my last exam today which means that after it I will be drinking much champagne and generally acting very silly. For those of you who like seeing me acting silly and fancy a laugh, or just a drink (or seven) I'll be heading to the piazza once I finish at 4 on Westwood so shall be there about 4:20–4:30pm (assuming I haven't passed out on the way in a bush somewhere from attempting to see how much vodka I can drink from Westwood to the Piazza!) Come and drink with me because I don't know anyone else doing this module, they're all scary and I would much rather drink with my friends!!! You know you want to, especially those of you going to symphony orch afterwards – how funny would playing The Planets sozzled be??

So: 4:20, Piazza, beer/Champagne/Metholated Spirits, drink and be merry with me!

See you all there!

May 30, 2005


…is how I feel this morning. I hate getting up at 7am with the knowledge of a day in the library ahead of me! If it wasn't for the fact I can finish at 6 and go to Wind Orch I would probably go mad. Of course I haven't got it as bad as Julia who still has weeks of exams ahead of her, at least after tomorrow the only reason I'll be going 'ugg' in the morning is because I've indulged in too much alcohol. mmm…hangover…

May 28, 2005

4 down 1 to go!!

Had the penultimate exam yesterday. As exams go, that one seemed to go pretty well so I decided to take the evening off and Stu and I indulged in some nice Sainsbury's deli food and had a picnic at Coombe Abbey which was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was fantastic and the food was yum (even if I forgot a fork for my salad – fingers are a good substitute) There was this squirrel who came right up to us and practically took the piece of bread I was holding out from my hand! He was soooooo cute! (cue girly awwws). Only slightly dodgey moment was when we moved to catch the last of the sun and happened to sit in the vacinity of another couple who appeared (I lie, it was blatently obvious) to be doing something very rude indeed! All I will say is the girl had a very convienient long skirt and appeared to be using the bloke as a seat to bounce on…

The evening ended with watching Big Brother 5.5 million or whatever series they are on now… all I can say is it doesn't get any better. I'll probably still watch it though. It can't be any worse than Celebrity love Island.

Congratulations to all the sociologists who finished yesterday – especially Rowena and Rachel. Hope you guys finished all the champagne and had a great evening and are nursing your hangovers in bed with the smug knowledge that you don't have to go to the library like I do.

May 27, 2005


This is for anyone who thinks they know me, or who fancies their chances with probability! Apologies for random questions, I'm supposed to be writing an essay plan for my exam tomorrow but this distracted me…

Take my Quiz on!

May 24, 2005


…in particular, my lack of it today. I think I'm in the middle of exam lull period where the majority of exams are over and there is less than a week to go until I'm free of the darned things. I did cover quite a lot, but it was hard work to keep the motivation up in the library and I only managed to stay until 5 and haven't done a lot since then except eat the first home cooked meal in about 3 weeks that actually involves more than turning on the oven and shoving a pizza inside to burn while you catch up on all the TV you've missed because you were actually working. I'm going to finish a topic and call it a night. The latest episode of O.C has emotionally drained me, and I need to replenish the loss of liquid from crying over how sad it all was. I don't think I'll be calling my mum back (sorry Mum – not that you'll ever look at this but just in case you do) because I'm tired! mmmm…bedtime.

May 22, 2005

It's sooo annoying

Writing about Mini library–based rant from Musings of a blonde

I've been sat in the library all day, on floor 5, in the quiet study area where there is a very clear NO LAPTOP sign actually located directly over my desk and yet there is a bloke who came and sat by me and got his laptop out! The incessant clicking is driving me mad so I have had to come and sit at one of the networked computers to calm myself down. I was hoping his battery was going to run out but he has managed to find a plug so now I'm really annoyed. Also the guy sat across from me really should go blow his nose – the hocking back of phlegm and bogies is really too much to listen to every minute! I can understand why Sarah had to have a mini library based rant, because this place is just soooooo annoying. AND WHAT IS IT ABOUT PEOPLE ANSWERING MOBILE PHONES?? Take them to the toilets people! grrr!

I really can't wait until I never have to sit in this place for exam revision again.

it gets worse!!

I think our kettle is broken, or at least not functioning at anywhere near it's normal speed…which means I can't have my morning, mid-morning, lunchtime, mid-afternoon, evening and nightly cup of tea!!! I may have to resort to drastic action, although I don't yet know what that will be!

oh dear

I have an exam in a day and a half and yesterday was not a very productive day. Today I will be waiting in anticipation outside the library so as to be there as soon as it opens and lock myself in there until it closes.

Also, on the hair front…am very scared of the thought that today I have to blow dry it myself today and not have the wonderful Sarah from Regis do it for me.

I'm still recovering from the absolutely awful entries in this year's Eurovision. I know they are always awful, but this year they were particularly bad and our UK entry really didn't deserve to do as well as it actually did. We are officially hated by pretty much everyone, the tactical voting once again amused me greatly. Terry was, as ever, the best part of the show and I salute his greatness.

May 21, 2005

2 down, 3 to go…

Yesterday's exam was much better than wednesday's, so felt a lot happier yesterday – much helped by the exciting anticipation of a new haircut, which is officially fab! If anyone goes to Regis in Cannon Park get Sarah to do your hair -she's really funny "so what's a chillie then?" and does really good hairdos! I never want to have to wash my hair again as there is no way I'll get it to look as sleek as it currently does, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts and hope my blow-drying skills improve soon!

The alternative Whit Friday party was good -we had curry, wine and watched Spaceballs which was a good way to finish the day off, although I was feeling extremely tired. For all you Brass players who phoned us and especially to the ones that sang "we love you Juicy" thanks for the entertainment! Julia has managed to steal a helium birthday balloon from a 13 year old, but other than that I can't see too much evidence of the antics of last night (apart from Skinner and Matt in sleeping bags in the front room looking rough). Am still jealous I couldn't go, I'm definatly coming back for it next year whatever it takes!!

Anyway, to the library and then Eurovision!!

May 19, 2005

nearly time for number 2

I'm not feeling scared about this exam. I actually think I know something about it, which is good. I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to all the lovely people who have either commented on my blog or spoken to me personally to check up on me, you're all brilliant and it means a lot that people are all so caring.

My mum sent me a good luck card and a parcel yesterday which my housemate Chris (the one that's not Tebay) carried around with him all day (I can only assume the postman caught him as he was on his way to the bus). I haven't seen him properly since I opened it to inform him that he was carrying a pair of rather lovely lacey knickers around with him all day – destined for me! My mum does send me the strangest things! This parcel also contained chocolate cookies and teabags (but just 3 individual bags- although I'm reliably informed it's Twinings Breakfast Tea so at least it's posh tea, even if in a small amount) The other week she sent me lemsip, paracetamol, tunes and A ROLL OF KITCHEN PAPER. How odd, I thought at the time, but it has since transpired that all of the above items were actually of great use that week.

Today I had a card from my Nan. I love the way she writes all the little things her and Gramp have done in the last few days, it's really funny to read about them and imagine them doing all the stuff she describes. That, amongst other things, has made my day a good one.

To round off the day – Chorus. Very very amusing! Paul had us all stood in the middle of the ACCR making digaredo (sp?) noises a perfect 4th apart to see if we could get a resonance thing going… not sure what it had to do with opera, but it was fairly amusing nonetheless. I also enjoyed Jazz hands in Borodin's Polovtsian dances, it's always funny watching the members of chorus trying to clap AND sing at the same time (remember the Wilby?).

Now I'm going to run through a bit more revision and head to bed for sweet sleep (I hope)

Sorry if this entry has been random, I just felt like putting down the thoughts of the day (I would say don't feel compelled to read it, but if you've got this far, chances are you already have ;-) )

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